Can Cats Eat Shrimp? CanorCannot.Com – Seafood is loved by many people, no exception for the cats.

Whenever the shrimp dishes are served on the table, the cute feline fellow will stand right next to the owners’ feet.

It is waiting for its portion. The owners might resist the first minute of cats’ meowing.

The next minute, they might get tempted to give a piece for the pets. Wait! Is that even safe?

Can Cats Eat Shrimp? Is It Safe For Feline?

The official answer is: yes, BUT as a treat only. Considering the nutrients in a shrimp, it could make a very nutritious snack but not good enough to be a staple food.

By consuming a piece of shrimp, the cats could get selenium, omega 3 and B12.

At the same time, a high amount of sodium and cholesterol also goes into the cats’ body.

If the pets eats a lot of shrimp, the sodium and cholesterol level in their bodies will goes up drastically.

As the result, several sickness will appear: obesity, bloating, digestive system problems, vomiting, etc.

Keep in mind that some cats also have seafood allergy.

The sign of allergy on human appears as red dots or bloating, while cats will throw up almost immediately after eating shrimp or have diarrhea.

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How Much Is Too Much?

Believe it or not, some owners give treats to their cats more often than anybody else.

In some cases, treats are fed daily to the cats. That explains why some fury pets refuse to eat their meal.

Usually, treats are more tempting than the canned or dry food. Thus, the habit of feeding treats is not good.

It has been mentioned before that the cats cannot have shrimp as regular meal.

If this happens, then the cats will have serious health problem sooner or later.

Therefore, the owners need the strict guidance to feed shrimp for their cats.

It is acceptable to share shrimp once in a week. Twice would be the maximum number.

There is one more thing that should be noted by the cats owners. The size of the cats determines how big the shrimp they could gobble up.

For example, big cats could eat the jumbo shrimp, while the smaller species may give up on half shrimp only. Make sure to share the proper portion.

Saying “big cats” is not enough for the owners to understand.

There should be certain minimum and maximum size of the cats. The large breed could be measured by its weight.

It would be the ones weighing from 12 to 15 pounds. The small breed, in the other hand, weighs around five to ten pounds only.

No wonder they could only eat medium size shrimp.Photo Image Can Cats Eat Shrimp Is it Dangerous

Can Cats Eat Shrimp?

Should The Owner Cook The Shrimp Beforehand?

Being a sweet owners, many think that cooking shrimp nicely will make the cats happier.

In some other cases, the person just casually slice a plump shrimp meat from their dishes and give it to the cats.

These two samples are not the proper way to give shrimp as treat.

Keep it mind that the spices and the other ingredients in the dishes might not be accepted by cats’ digestive system.

Although it may seem unnatural, the shrimp should be given raw.

Even when the owners feel the urge to cook it, just simply boil it plainly. Don’t forget that cats are carnivore.

Even though they are domesticated animals, the hunting instinct never dies.

Therefore, don’t be too surprised to see the cats strongly defending their raw shrimp. The treat bring back their carnivore instinct.

How To Prepare The Shrimp Properly?

How does it feel to know that the cats could consume raw shrimp? Some owners might think that the reason is ridiculous.

Then, they keep their way of sharing cooked shrimp or shrimp dishes. It is just a matter of time before the pets get sick.

There are also some reasonable owners who understand the situation and try to adapt.

How? By learning the proper way to clean the shrimp as the cat treat.

First of all, buy fresh shrimp instead of the frozen one. The owners could always keep the fresh and cleaned shrimp in the freezer later.

After purchasing the shrimp, start cleaning by removing the digestive tract.

It is the black dots on the back of the head. Shake the shrimp lightly and the dirt will be gone.

There is no need to peel the head, tail and skin. The cats will enjoy chewing on them.

Keep in mind to give the shrimp treats maximum three days after purchase.

Otherwise, the shrimp might turn into green or yellow, signaling that some bacteria already grow on it.

For the leftovers, keep them inside the plastic container and throw the container togethfreezer.

When preparing the frozen shrimp for treat, make sure to thaw it properly.

Allow the frost to melt for several minutes. In summer, the owners can give half frozen shrimp.

It still has the protein and minerals, with an addition of water to hydrate the pets. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

Can Cats Eat Shrimp?

What About Imitation Shrimp?

In certain condition, the real shrimp triggers several allergic reactions. However, the owner keep insisting on feeding seafood to their pets.

While shopping in the store, they see the imitation shrimp. Is it safe for the cats?

Luckily, the imitation shrimp could be a good replacement for normal shrimp.

It is made from crushed white fish that get shaped into shrimp. Thus, the cats could enjoy it.

Keep in mind that imitation shrimp is not the seafood option.

When the cats are showing the allergy reactions, it is best to stop sharing the shrimp and try the other kinds of meat.

Don’t worry, there are some cats that cannot eat fish. This thing is possible to happen, so no need to freak out.

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Can Cats Eat Shrimp? Conclusion!

Aside from fish and meat, shrimp would come in the next list of cats’ favorite foods.

Thankfully, shrimp is not harmful for the furry pets.

While happily sharing the tasty seafood with the pets, make sure to follow the rules. Good luck!

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