What do Cats Like to Eat? CanOrCannot.Com – Whether you have lived for long time with your cats or just got them today, you need to understand that your cats need food as their main fundamental needs.

As the cat owner, you also need to find out what kind of foods that your cats are able to eat.

You also need to know what foods need to be avoided by them.

The List of What do Cats Like to Eat

It is true that all mammals need a mixture of fatty acids, minerals and vitamins which are not able to produce by the body.

These nutrition needs to be found in the animals diet. However, each animal has different dietary.

Cats are also considered to have unique diets.

Apart from human and dogs, cats are considered to be carnivores.

They have evolved to eat different kinds of foods. Thus, they also need different important nutrients that their body needs.

In such case, cats are not able to synthesize proper amount of amino acid taurine.

It cats’ diets are not able to fulfill this nutrient; cats may suffer from heart and eye problems.

Cats are actually hunters, biologically speaking.

Before being human’s lovable pets, cats tent to hunt rodents as well as other small animals as their diets.

Although they are now being domesticated, cats still need foods which contain nutrition just like when they hunt before.

If you are looking for some cat foods for your cats, you need to make sure that these foods contain lots of meat.

Although rice, peas and corn are able to supply proteins for cats, they actually need meat as their main source of food.

You can give them pork, seafood, chicken or an organ such as liver or heart. The additional ingredients besides meat are fat, vitamin A, B vitamins, and so on.

So, if you want to buy the cat food, make sure to check the content of this food.

Make sure that this cat food is high in protein and also other ingredients needed by cats.

As cats are considered special animals, their foods are also special.

They require more specific nutrients to be able to maintain their health. So, what can they eat? Let’s find out together.

If you want to give your cats some human foods, you need to pay attention to the fat content.

Actually, fat is not bad for cats. It is good for them. However, high fats may also contain high calories.

Too many calories in food can make your cats gain weight significantly.

  • Cooked Poultry

Photo Image What do Cats Like to Eat - Cooked PoultryWhat do Cats Like to Eat

One food that is good for your feline friends is the cooked meat.

Besides rich in protein, meats are also considered to have low fat content.

So, if you want to give your cats great food, go for cooked poultry like chicken.

  • Eggs

Photo Image What do Cats Like to Eat - EggsWhat do Cats Like to Eat

Eggs are tasty and also healthy. They are rich of vitamin B and protein where these two nutrients are very important for cats.

You can serve your cats with plain cooked eggs. Make sure to leave the seasoning.

However, to reduce the risk of the food borne diseases, you have to cook the eggs.

it is to protect your cats from Salmonella and E.coli.

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  • Fish

Photo Image What do Cats Like to Eat - Fish

What do Cats Like to Eat

Most cats enjoy eating fish.

You can serve them salmon or tuna in a small amount make sure to give them only small amount of these foods.

Salmon and tuna are both rich in fat, and you don’t want to give your cats to much fat.

  • Cheese

Photo Image What do Cats Like to Eat - CheeseMost cats also love to eat cheese and dairy.

These two are great source of protein and fat. However, some cats may have lactose intolerance.

You need to be very careful when giving them cheese or dairy products.

Make sure that your cats are not allergic to it.

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List of Foods that Cats Can’t Eat

If you haven’t known yet, cats can process protein way much better than carbohydrates.

So, if you want to feed your cats some foods, make sure that they are rich in protein.

Furthermore, most cats don’t drink lots of water, so you have to make sure that their foods contain sufficient moisture.

Although dry cat food costs cheaper, cats need some kind of wet food for them to do well every day.

This wet food can be the source of moisture that is need for their body.

Besides lots of food which are not good for cats, there are some foods which can be dangerous and even poisonous for your feline friends.

The foods that need to be avoided by cats are:

  • Onions and Garlic

Photo Image Foods that Cats Can’t Eat - Onion and GarlicsThese foods are very dangerous for cats in large quantity.

They can cause major problems for cats especially the digestive upset. They can also cause anemia in cats.

Make sure that your cats are not getting them as parts of their diets.

  • Coffee and Tea

Photo Image Foods that Cats Can’t Eat - Coffee and TeaThe content of caffeine in coffee and tea may bring several health problems for cats.

They may suffer from muscle tremors and heart palpitations.

So, never give your cats any food or beverage containing caffeine.

  • Alcohol

Photo Image Foods that Cats Can’t Eat - AlcoholEven in small amount of it, you can make your cats suffer from liver and brain damage. So, be careful with it.

  • Chocolate

Photo Image Foods that Cats Can’t Eat - ChocolateChocolate contains theobromine chemical. This chemical is very poisonous for cats.

So, make sure to keep it away from your loveable cats.

How Often Do Cats Eat?

Whether you want to feed your cats with canned or homemade food, wet or dry cat food, twice a day is enough for them.

Give them food two times in one day.

Don’t do any free feeding or leave any bowl of food for your cats as you want them to eat it in their leisure time.

Why? If you feed your cats in great amount every day, they can suffer from obesity and overeating.


After you know what cats can and can’t eat, you are able to prepare healthy diets for them.

Make sure to feed your cats in moderate amount of food. Don’t over-feed your cats.

You can also make some variations on their diets every day.

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