Can Cats Eat Popcorn, CanOrCannot.Com – When we are binge watching, we need popcorn in our hands.

When we are laying down on a couch in front of our TV, our cats usually come close to us and may get curious with your bowl of popcorn and try to get a bite.

Will you let them? Can cats eat popcorn? Here is all you need to know about popcorn and cats.

Cats’ Nutrition and Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Talking about whether or not cats should undergo vegetarian diet, we should have no more debate.

The answer is clearly not. However, you may have had a quick glance on the container of your cats’ food and read ground yellow corn as one of the ingredients.

The use of ground yellow corn in cat food is actually common.

The role of corn in cats’ food is for creating cohesion for cats’ kibbles and or as filler.

Besides, corn also plays a role ad limiting the amount of carbohydrate supply for the cats’ energy.

Popcorn is corn’s unique strain. It is a staple grain that is cultivated by people. It has even been done for thousands of years.

All kinds of corn, including popcorn, is low in vitamin B, dietary fiber, protein, and iron.Photo Image Can Cats Eat Popcorn Is It Healthy

For every kernel basis and by assuming that cats only consume few pieces of fresh popcorn, the health benefits are insignificant although it is not harmful as well.

That being said, the answer to can cats eat popcorn is yes! However, there are certainly conditions that you should watch out for.

One of the conditions you need to fulfill is not to give popcorn to very young cats and also senior cats.

Cats in such ages are not well equipped with digestion ability as what other cats do.

For most of the cats, although the answer can be no and yes, it all depends on how the popcorn is served to your cats.

Usually, Popcorn that contains too much additives may upset the digestion of your cats.

Also, big amount of popcorn is also able to bring another issue to your feline friends.

The condition is surely various from one cat to another, considering every cat has different health stage.

Should We Feed Cats with Popcorn?

Popcorn is harmless for cats although it doesn’t contribute much to the health of cats.

That being said, should we feed our feline friends with popcorn when they are trying to have a bit from our bowl?

Cats are picky when it comes to the foods they are eating. You cannot blame them if they happen to try liking the popcorn you are enjoying.

Without doubts, popcorn has wonderful smell that is also tempting for cats.

Cats are then tempted to have a bite.

Apart from the smell, popcorn which is salty food also triggers cats’ response.

The fact is that cats are able to tolerate few pieces of popped corn.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can feed them with big quantity of this corn food as popcorn is actually disadvantageous for cats.

Instead, use popcorn as your cats’ treat.

Making popcorn a treat means you only feed them with this food occasionally.

In addition to that, it is suggested not to make popcorn as an element of your cats’ daily dietary.

Not only does it have low nutritional value for cats, it also poses some health issue to your beloved furry friends.

Be wise in deciding the right amount of popcorn serving size to prevent any unwanted health problems.

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Dangers Popcorn May Bring to Cats

Apart from being insignificant to cats’ health benefits, there are a couple of dangers for cats from consuming pop corns.

Those dangers can emerge despite of how old the cats’ age.

Check out the following list of dangers popcorn may bring to cats that you should watch out for.

1. Dehydration

The main reason why popcorn can be so harmful for the feline friends is that popcorn is high in salts.

Too much salt in a cat food is very dangerous for the felines.

To give you an example, a bag of popcorn in butter flavor can bring more or less 500 up to 600mg of salt.

Meanwhile, a cat in an average size should only have 21mg of salt intake per day.

If cats consume too much salt in a day, they will end up with sodium poisoning or will be extremely thirsty.

Besides, the cats may also suffer from exuberant urination. In addition to those health issues, there are other signs telling you that they have taken too much salt.

The signs include lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and high body temperature.

Even more, there is still the worst situation that may happen to your cats. It is death.

Yes, too many salty cat foods can be lethal to your cats.

2. Caloric Overdose and Additive

Furthermore, popcorn also contains high level of calories.

This is also harmful for the felines. Let’s take an example of a cup of popped corn sold in a movie theater.

That small cup of popcorn contains 60 calories, which is 25 – 30 calories more than what a cat should meet in a day.

Following high calorie is lots of additives. High amount of additives in popcorn is also super harmful for your cats.

One of the additives that can be found in popcorn is diacetyl.

This additive is used to give the popcorn different smell and test when it is microwaved.

This additive is also utilized to make the popcorn more tempting for both humans and particular cats.

This additive is like the one found in chips, cookies, and candy.

3. Hepatic lipidosis

Last but not least, popcorn also has hydrogenated oil inside it.

This type of oil has a role of giving buttery flavor that almost every one of us likes.

Although it sounds appealing to us, this hydrogenated oil can trigger another health problem to your cats.

This oil is a toxic ingredient and if digested by the felines, they can end up with hepatic lipidosis.

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To sum up, can cats eat popcorn? Yes, they can.

Popcorn can be given to cats although it should be served in a little amount.

The reason is because there are lots of popcorn ingredients that can evoke health issues to the felines.

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