Can Cats Eat Ham, CanOrCannot.Com – Cats as carnivore need high supply of protein in their daily diet because they need to fulfill the sufficient amount of meat they need.

Yet, are all kinds of meat safe for cats? How about ham?

Although ham is also food supplying certain amount of protein needed by cats, can cats eat ham?

What Is It? And Can Cats Eat Ham?

Ham is a type of meat whose main material is pork. The part of pork that is usually used to make ham is the hind leg.

To make ham, the hind leg is processed through curing or smoking or also salting.

Due to this process, the taste or the flavor of ham is so colorful and delightful.

It can even trigger foodgasm in the first bite. But can we share the delight of ham to our cats?

Can cats eat ham? Yes, they can. Ham is a kind of meat that can provide feline friends with obligatory nutrients that they usually crave for.

Cats are obligate carnivores that find meat a food component that is so essential for daily diet.

Not only is it because of the great taste of meat, it is also about meat is a biological necessity for cats’ tissue.

That being said, we can say that ham is a swine product that suits the cats’ needs best.

Ham is even able to boost their vitamins and protein that they should have in their food intake.

However, you cannot just give ham to your cats in any portion.

Although ham is safe for the felines, it is suggested to feed cats with ham occasionally, moderately, and in a little quantity.

As it is with anything in life, too much everything will never be good and so will ham for cats.

Be a responsible cat owner by carefully considering the amount of ham served to them.

Good consideration on serving ham to cat will bring better well-being for the cats.

In other words, giving your cats ham with the right serving can save you and your cats from a couple of vet visits.

Is There Any Benefits from Ham for Cats?

Now that you have known that ham is delicious and safe for your cats, you need to know further the health benefits ham may offer to your cat.

So, what benefits can ham possibly bring to the body of your cats? Are the benefits great or just so-so?Photo Image Can Cats Eat Ham Is It Healthy

The fact and the good news is that ham is high on nutritional benefits.

The health benefits from ham can even be greater when you can get Grade A ham or the high-quality ham.

The better the quality of the ham, the more beneficial the meat for the felines.

1. Taurine

As it comes from animal meat, ham is a very excellent source of protein. Even more, the felines can even get Taurine from just a piece of ham.

What is so important about food providing taurine? The fact is that cats are not able to produce taurine by themselves.

Besides, taurine is also essential for cats’ body parts. It can help the cat strengthen their heart and better their digestive system.

Therefore, cats need food that can be the source of taurine and ham does the job well!

2. Thiamin

In addition to that, Ham also has Thiamin inside it. Thiamin is nutrient favored by cat.

Also, ham is high in riboflavin that can promote energy production of cats and can serve as the protector of cats’ antioxidant as well as promote metabolism.

3. Vitamin B6

What is more, ham also contains Vitamin B6 that plays a very essential role to the body of cats.

4. Potassium

Ham also carries Potassium that is able to prevent cats’ kidney from failing.

5. Zinc

Ham also has Zinc in it that can function well for cats’ fur. Furthermore.

6. Others

ham also has some other nutrients: Phosphorus, Niacin, Selenium, and Copper.

That should be a lot of benefits from a food for cats.

To get the maximum benefits, it is suggested to purchase the high quality ham from the store.

Remember that you always get what you pay.

If you are only willing to spend small amount of money on ham for your cats, you will more likely end up with regular, cheap, and not so good ham.

Can Ham Turn to Be Harmful for Cats?

Reading the list of ham’s health benefits for cats make us cat owners tempted to buy this food for our felines.

However, don’t rush! Make sure you have read all the precautions and all considerations when it comes to feeding cats with ham. What are they anyway?

The truth is, there are lots of kinds of ham sold in market.

What is so bad about that is the majority of ham that is sold is the one made of low-quality meat.

Even worse, the meat that is used to make the ham may have been loaded with unnatural ingredients or antibiotics or synthetic materials.

As the result, the ham is high in sodium.

Apart from finding the high quality ham in the market, there is still one more thing about feeding ham to cats that should be your concern.

It is about how often you can feed them with ham. Make sure you don’t feed your cats with too much ham.

Otherwise, your cats will end up with the following issues:

1. Hypernatremia

Too much ham can lead your cats to hypernatremia.

This issue is a condition where cats have various cardiovascular disorder and high blood pressure.

This issue that you surely need to pay attention more closely as this issue can be noticeable in the long run.

2. Stomach Issues

Too much harm can also make your cats suffering from upset stomach that can possibly end up with diarrhea.

3. Dehydration

High quantity of ham can make your cats dehydrated because ham is high in sodium.

4. Digestion Issues

Big amount of ham digested by cats can cause a couple of digestion issues because ham has lots of unhealthy fat inside it.


In conclusion, can cats eat ham? Definitely yes!

However, as a good cat owner, you need to make sure you watch out for the amount of ham serving for your cats.

Although ham can offer lots of health benefits for cats, too much of it can still bring disaster to cats’ health.

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