Can Cats Eat Turkey? CanOrCannot.Com – The proper way to allow the cat pets grow healthily is by giving cat food and treats.

However, some owners are more than willing to take some portion of their meal to be given to the cats.

It is not harmful for the feline animal, as long as the owners could monitor what to give and what to keep.

Can Cats Eat Turkey? The Giving Lists

In many occasion, it is quite hard for the cat lovers to stop themselves from giving their meal to the cat.

In their opinion, sniffing is cats’ gesture for showing interest. While this is a fact, the owners cannot simply give anything.

Make sure to share only the safe food to the lovely pets.

  1. Turkey

Just like human, the cats could enjoy turkey meat safely.

If the cats are trying the meat for the first time, pick the white meat chunk. It is the most harmless part.

The dark meat, crispy skin and giblets might be rejected for its peculiar taste. Try to give a little piece before going with the big chunk.

Photo Image Can Cats Eat Turkey Is it SafeCan Cats Eat Turkey?

  1. Cooked Meat

There is no limitation of the meat type: chicken, beef, pork, duck, etc.

As long as it is fried or boiled without any additional salt or spices, the cats could enjoy in heartily.

Don’t forget that cats are carnivore, so it is normal for them to have meat feast.

  1. Whole Grains

Although it might seem out of the option, the grains are rich in protein and has great texture.

Some of the recommended grains for cats are oats, corn, polenta, brown rice and wheat berries.

Pick one out from the list and don’t forget to cook and mash them before letting the cats to taste.

  1. Cranberry Sauce

In any vet book, there is no specific information about the cats being a sweet tooth.

It is even more surprising to learn that the cats just love stuffing their mouth with the sweet sauce.

Cranberry sauce, in this case, is not listed as either safe or harmful. Since there is no bad effect after eating the sauce, this item is leaning to the safe side.

  1. Eggs

Running out of money? Don’t worry. A cheap but tasty and high protein treat is available.

It is no other than eggs. Make sure to fully cook the eggs before treating the feline pets.

The owner could vary the cooking method (fried, boiled, etc) without cutting the cats appetite.

  1. Vegetables

Even a carnivore could enjoy the healthy vegetables.

It contains fiber, vitamins and water which will help the digestion system.

Several cats might enjoy steamed broccoli or raw cucumber while the others refuse to even sniff at it.

  1. Fish

Without a doubt, this is the best treat the owners could give to their cats.

The tasty fish is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids. Both are important to maintain healthy eyes and prevent kidney as well as heart disease.

It is not necessary to cook fresh fish. The cats will also be happy with a canned fish treat.

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Can Cats Eat Turkey? The Keeping Lists

Now that the cat owners have learned about some safe foods, there are some harmful lists as well.

Try to remember each one of them. While enjoying these treats, make sure to hide well so the cats cannot smell it.

  1. Raw Meat

No matter how cute the sounds of meowing cats, never ever let them have a single piece of raw meat.

First of all, it might have some dangerous bacteria. Also, no one can tell the hygiene of the packaging process. Thus, giving the raw meat is a big NO.

  1. Raw Eggs

It should be a concern when the cat owners feed raw eggs to their pets. In case they miss the information, raw eggs might contain salmonella.

This bacteria is harmful for the cats’ health. The lightest effect is having digestion problem.

  1. Bones

Instead of sharing the tasty and safe meal to the pets, many owners tend to give their leftovers: the bones.

The lovely pets might seem to enjoy it in the first minutes. However, the feline fellows are actually in danger of choking.

When it happens, the sharp edges might hurt the esophagus muscle.

  1. Onion And Garlics

These two are the most harmful food for cats. Their digestive system simply cannot accept these vegetables.

Never trust the greedy munching; the pets will throw up several minutes after.

  1. Milk And Dairy Products

The image pictured in many public advertisements is totally the opposite. Cats don’t have the enzyme to break down cow milk.

Even after the milk is processed, cats’ digestion system still cannot accept it.

Cheese is relatively safe when given in small portion only. Unfortunately, some cats might get sick after tasting cheese.

  1. Mashed Potatoes

The problem is not the potato, but what comes with it.

In any mashed potato recipe, there are several main ingredients: potato, onion, salt, shallot, butter, and sometimes a small cup of milk.

See? Other than potatoes, the ingredients are cats’ big enemy.

  1. Bread Dough

While the owners are busy in the kitchen, the cats usually keep them company.

The calm atmosphere will turn into pleading session when the smell of bread dough fills the room.

Keep an eye on the dough bowl. Pull it away from the cats if they try to lick it.

  1. Meat Patty

For human beings, eating a lot of burger patties will not hurt. As for the feline fellows, they will definitely get sick.

Many owners argue that meat patty is almost 80% meat. So, the cats should be able to enjoy it as well.

Don’t forget that the patty is mixed with spices and onion as well. Unless the patty is plain, chew it until the last bite!

Can Cats Eat Turkey? Conclusion!

Turkey meat is one of the most wanted pieces to buy by the costumers.

Many people love it and the cats are not the exception. They love the smell of it and thankfully, they could eat it safely.

Happy sharing with the cats!

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