Can Cats Eat Bread? CanOrCannot.Com – Bread is considered to be one of the favorite foods in the world.

It has been around for more than centuries. Some people like to eat it with cheese or butter.

Some also like their bread to be toasted or baked.

Since we love to eat bread, it is not that surprising if cats may also like to eat bread.

But, can cats eat bread? Is it safe for them?

Bread for Cats

Before putting your cats’ safety into danger, it is better to know whether they can eat bread or not. The quick answer is yes.

They can eat bread but only in moderate quantities.

However, you need to remember one thing; cats are not able to eat all kinds of bread.

Such breads like raisin and garlic breads are not safe for cats. This is because raisin and garlic are poisonous for cats.

What do cats love bread? It is because bread is made of yeast.

Most of cats love the yeast flavor. Yeast in fact is used in large amount as the flavor agent in several cat treats and foods.

There are also some medications made of yeast to treat the cats.

Furthermore, flour is bread’s main ingredient. Flour is made from the grinding of roots, seeds, beans, or grains.

You can say that bread is actually a plant-based food.

White Bread

In general, white bread commercially produced consists of 80% carbohydrate, 10% protein and 10% fats.

This bread contains low levels of cholesterol and fat.

It contains high levels of Foliate and Thiamin. And each bite of bread is high in sodium.

Despite all ingredients found in bread, it is still not enough to provide protein for your fluffy friend.

The amino acid in bread is only 52. On the other hand, to be considered to have high-quality protein, bread needs to have 100 or more amino acid.

But, it doesn’t mean that your cats can’t enjoy this food.

Felines are able to eat bread in small amount as they can process, absorb and metabolize the carbohydrates.

Cats can enjoy bread as their additional food. Don’t ever considered bread as the main food for your cats.

They still require high amounts of fat and protein for their body.

Bread which is high in carbohydrate only dumps large amounts of calories inside the cats’ stomach.

This makes less room for the fat and protein.

If your cats are in good health and have lean body weight, you can give them a small amount of bread here and there.

In general, average cats need 200 to 250 calories every day.

This bread and another human’s food can only supply 20 calories.

The main nutrition for cats needs to be gained from healthy yet balanced cat food.

Can Cats Eat Bread?

Bread and Other Ingredients

There are many ways to bake and make the bread.

Although this food is safe for cats, there are still some exceptions that you need to understand.

  • Garlic bread

The spices in this garlic bread such as garlic, chives and onion, are not good for cats.

These three spices are able to kill the red blood cells in the cats’ body.

Consequently, your cats may suffer from a rare anemia.

  • Raisins

It turns out that dried raisin and grapes are not good for your cats.

If you give your cats too much raisin bread, they can suffer from kidney failure.

So, you have to make sure that the bread fed to your cats doesn’t contain any raisin or grapes.

  • Jelly and peanut butter sandwiches

You can never give your cats these foods. Just feed them with plain bread.

Bread Dough for Cats

Although cats can eat bread, this rule doesn’t apply for the bread dough.

Bread dough is harmful for cats and it needs to be avoided. Raw yeast or even uncooked bread can never be given to cats.

Why? Raw yeast will keep on expanding inside the cats’ stomach after it is being swallowed.

It may cause the dangerous bloating for cats.

Furthermore, raw yeast can produce alcohol as the fermentation byproduct.

This alcohol content can be absorbed by the cats’ body into the bloodstream and it can cause the alcohol poisoning.

The consequence of alcohol poisoning is seizures. The worst case is the respiratory failure.

If you find that your cats eat bread dough, contact the vet as soon as possible to get the cats treated.

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Things to Consider If Wanna Give Cats a Bread

As mentioned previously, some bread is not good for cats. If you want to give your cats this food, it is better to check the ingredients.

Make sure that the ingredients are not poisonous for cats.

Besides, the topping of the bread is also other thing to consider.

If you want to give bread for your cats, just give it plain. Don’t add any useless toppings which only bring heath issues for cats.

You can also give your cat a small amount of toasted bread. Remember, it should be plain.

If you want to give the toppings, don’t use these ingredients:

  • Peanut butter

Even though peanut butter is not poisonous for cats, it is better not to give them this topping.

Peanut butter is high in calories and fat. It also contains salt in unhealthy amount.

  • Butter

It is okay for human to eat bread with butter, but it is not for cats.

Although butter is not harmful, it contains too much calories and fat. These are not good for cats.

  • Chocolate spreads

As you know, chocolate is very poisonous for cats.

So, if you want to give your cats bread or toasted bread, don’t give the chocolate topping.

Furthermore, don’t give your cats any burned bread.

If you accidently burn your bread in the toaster, it is better to throw it away instead of feeding it to your cats.

The burned bread contains the acrylamide formation, which is very dangerous for cats and even humans.

It will only damage the nerves and also cause the cancer.

Can Cats Eat Bread? Conclusion!

Cats are able to eat bread. So, if you want to give them make sure to only give a small amount.

You need to remember to keep the bread dough away from them as it may cause serious health problem.

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