Can Cats Eat Bacon? CanOrCannot.Com – Each cat owner has different way to express their love to the pet.

Many of them think that sharing what they eat on the table is definitely okay.

This habit might harm the cats, unless the owners always have healthy ingredients to eat.

Isn’t it better to learn the dos and don’ts about cat food?

Is Bacon Good For Cats?

Think twice before giving food for cats. The feline friends basically meow by following their instinct.

They have no ability to filter the healthy and dangerous food.

In the other words, the one who can control the cat diet is only the owners.

Bacon is loved by many people. This menu could be found in the breakfast platter.

However, bacon is not a friendly treat for the fury pet.

There are several basic reasons that will stop the owners to feed bacon.

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

  1. High In Sodium

As the owners have known, bacon is a cured product.

During the process, there are lots of salt and spices added to the ingredients.

It is surprising to see the amount of sodium in one tiny piece. The number is higher than 100 miligrams.

No wonder cats’ bodies are not able to keep up with the sodium level.

In a day, cats could only tolerate around 40 milligram of sodium only.

  1. High In Saturated Fats

In human case, saturated fats are the main cause of heart problems.

When it enters the blood flows, the fat will pile up and interrupts the blood flow.

The effect of saturated fat on cats might not as severe as human, but it definitely does something to the body.

After days, the digestive system will be affected.

After weeks and months, the cats will be fatter and might also have health disorders.

What about Ham or Raw Ham?

Bacon and ham has one thing in common: made from pig meat and processed.

As expected, ham also contains high amount of salt.

No matter how popular ham is during the holiday, it is definitely not okay to throw some, even a little piece of ham.

However, it is okay to feed the cats with low sodium ham. This is a safe and healthy option for both the owner and the pets.

Before processed, the mixture of ingredients and spices of ham is called the raw ham.

It still needs time to mature and ready to cook. The raw ham is safe for cats, but under several conditions only.

First, make sure that there is only little salt mixed in the ingredients. Also, there should be no onions or garlic.

Otherwise, the raw ham shouldn’t be feed to the cats.

What Are Other Dangerous Food To Avoid?

In addition to bacon and ham, there are more things that the cat owners should avoid.

Make sure to take notes and separate the human food and cat feeding.

  1. Canned Tuna

When shopping in the market, there is different section for human and cats canned tuna.

Each of them has different nutritional ingredients.

The canned tuna for human has less vitamins than the one for cats.

Therefore, it is not recommended to feed the human product to the cats.

In long period, it might cause mercury poisoning.

Photo Image Can Cats Eat Bacon Is it HealthyCan Cats Eat Bacon?

  1. Milk and Dairy Products

In many movies and advertisements, cats’ favorite drink is milk.

To be specific, it is cow milk. This habit has been copied by a lot of owners.

Sadly, only few of them know that cats are lactose-intolerant.

In the other words, the feline cannot drink cow milk or any other dairy products.

Otherwise, the cats will get diarrhea.

  1. Grapes and Raisin

Both of these products are known as cat treats.

This is another misconception among the cat owners.

Even one piece of fresh grape could make the cats’ body sick.

Bring the cats to the vet immediately when they vomit too often and hyperactive.

If the early signs are ignored, the cats might get kidney failure.

  1. Chocolate

Isn’t it surprising that the cats cannot eat chocolate? In normal condition, cats are not interested in this sweet treat.

However, cookies coated in chocolate are another temptation for the cats.

For this one, there is no exception. All kinds of chocolate is dangerous.

Any chocolate product contains theobromine, which trigger some reactions such as tremors, seizure and even death.

  1. Fat And Bones

The smell of raw and cooked meat are too alluring to refuse.

This explains why cats always walk closer to a plate of warm meat dishes.

No matter how loud the cats meowing, the owners should resist the intention to give the bones to the cats.

They might get choked on the bones, and the sharp cut might hurt the stomach muscle.

  1. Raw Meat and Fish

Thinking that meat and fish are the ideal diet for the cats?

Yes, it is. However, there are several conditions which could make meat and fish dangerous.

First, when the meat is raw. The meal might have bacteria on it.

In addition, no one knows how long the meat has been exposed. The flies may have left some eggs or dirty particles.

  1. Liver

Those who have read about the benefit of liver might argue that it contains numerous amount of vitamin A.

Keep in mind that it only applies when small amount only is given.

Stuffing too much liver to the cats will affect the bone condition; abnormal growth, osteoporosis and even death.

  1. Human Medication

Many cat owners might have experienced the emergency cases of sick pets.

In this condition, the panic owners often try to give human medication.

Instead of helping, this effort will worsen the cats’ body.

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Can Cats Eat Bacon? Conclusion!

The tasty smell of human food will lure the cat to come closer and ask for a taste.

Although the fury pets seem to enjoy the food the owners give, the sickness is going to show later.

There are some lists of food that the cats cannot eat; bacon is included. Therefore, it is better to stick to the safe list!

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