Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs? CanOrCannot.Com – The concern about dog eating boiled eggs starts from human experience.

In some cases, human body shows allergic reaction after consuming eggs, boiled, fried, or raw.

If human could be sick, then maybe animal does, too.

For this reason, the owners have the responsibility to learn further about this matter.

Why Eggs Is Good?

Years ago, eggs have been the natural diet for dog.

During the first day of hunting, wild dogs will eat raw eggs from the bird nest.

In the other words, eggs, especially as part of raw diet, are not “new” to dogs’ digestive system.

There are also more reasons to put eggs in dogs’ diet.

  1. Rich in Proteins

The benefit of protein for dog is almost similar to human. First, it promotes muscle growth.

Then, protein also helps to repair broken tissue. Thus, eggs are particularly helpful for senior dogs.

Another benefit the dog could get is strong hair. Those who raise long haired dog would be glad to hear it.

  1. More Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to amino acids, there are plenty vitamins inside an egg.

They are vitamin B12, vitamin A, Riboflavin, Iron, Selenium, Fatty Acids, and Folate.

It is quite difficult to tell the benefit one by one, but they surely improve the metabolism system in the dog’s body.

Myth about Giving Eggs to Dogs

Believe it or not, many dog owners are going back and forth about giving eggs to their dogs because of several myths.

Almost all of them mention that eggs will make the dog sick instead of getting stronger. Is this true?

  1. Eggs Will Cause Indigestion

This warning applies for the owners who feed the egg whites to their dogs. The white part contains enzyme called the inhibitor.

It could both help the intestines to digest better or ruin the system and cause the indigestion.

The sign of bad digestive system includes diarrhea and losing appetite.

The problem is no owners could predict which will happen to their dog.

Therefore, it is suggested to give the eggs to the dog several times in a week.

Without any sign of upset stomach, the dog could keep the eggs in the daily menu.

  1. Biotin Deficiency

Again, the suspect is white egg. This part of the egg contains biotin inhibitor.

In the other words, it will reduce the number of biotin if it is consumed.

Biotin itself plays important roles in the growth process. Biotin is needed for cell growth, digesting fatty acid and also great for healthy hair.

Although the explanation makes sense, it would take tremendous amount of white eggs to make the dog sick.

In addition, the yolk has plenty of biotin. Therefore, the dog owners should feed the whole egg instead of the white part only.

  1. Salmonella Infection

Among all the concerns that have been mentioned, this one is probably the most dangerous one.

There are a lot of reports about Salmonella infection on human. The owners are extremely worried for their dog pets as well.

Instead of limiting or even crossing out eggs from the diet program, the owners could check the source.

For those who live in the UK, the eggs are totally safe. The government has taken care of the issue years ago.

Unfortunately, those who live in US might have to double the safety screening. In addition to being careful while choosing the eggs, the owners could provide boiled eggs.

Photo Images Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs Is it SafeCan Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs?

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs? The Safety of Boiled Eggs

Most concern about eggs occurs when the owners decide to give it raw. Thus, there is one simple way to kill all the germs and bacteria: boiled eggs.

In human terms, there are a lot of ways to cook boiled egg. To make it simple, the owners could pick the easiest one: hard boiled eggs.

No need of special skill when doing so, just throw the eggs to boiling water for minimum 15 minutes.

Consuming boiled egg will increase the tendency to fart. It won’t show when the owners give hard boiled eggs occasionally.

The more eggs they eat, the more fart will be heard. The safest way to give the boiled eggs is as a treat.

It is also possible to include the boiled item into the daily menu.

The rule is quite simple: give eggs within one tenth proportion of the total meal.

Aside from boiling the eggs, the owners could also give fried eggs.

Just like how they prepare the boiled eggs, it is not recommended to add spices into the pan.

Chopped vegetables should also be avoided. All these additions will make the dog sick.

Thus, giving plain sunny side fried eggs is much better.

The Beneficial Function of Egg Shells

While preparing the boiled eggs, many owners miss the function of the shells.

It might sound strange, but egg shells could be another tasty treat for the lovely pet.

These leftovers have great amount of calcium and protein.

Since the egg was boiled beforehand, the shells are safe from salmonella.

The steps to prepare the egg shell are quite simple. First, gather the egg shells. Make sure all of them are dried properly.

Allow sun-drying time for the wet shells. Second, grind the shells into powder. The owners could use the coffee grinder or even mortar and pestle.

Keep the powder in airtight container. Otherwise, the powder will get too much moisture.

How to use the egg shell powder? It is easy. Sprinkle the powder on top of the food. If the pets are sensitive to powder, mix the powder well to the food.

When the owners could manage it daily, the dogs’ teeth and bones will be better than before.

Keep it mind to give the powder form only. The original form has sharp edges that might hurt the esophagus.

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs?

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Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs? Conclusion!

Pet dog is not a mere domesticated animal that raised and grows in a house.

It is human best friend that often be seen as part of the family.

That is why, choosing the right food for the lovely pawed mammals is a must.

Fortunately, boiled eggs are the safe treat.

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