Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth? CanOrCannot.Com – Coffee is one of the beverages that now very common and popular.

Many coffee shops open in the early morning to provide and serve a cup of coffee that able to be the best morning booster.

However, some questions raised among many people whether the caffeine inside the coffee can stunt a growth or not.

This simple query of does caffeine stunt your growth having an unclear answer since it is very lack of information on this matter.

Therefore, if feel deeply curious about this thing, spare your time to check out below facts and information.

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth? What Does Caffeine Mean?

A well-known website called Wikipedia describe caffeine as a psychoactive drug.

It is bitter, contain white crystalline purine plus methylxanthine alkaloid, and chemically related to the adenine and guanine bases of DNA and RNA.

This makes caffeine looks quite harmful. But, it is an interesting fact that caffeine is legal in all countries in the world.

Therefore, consume caffeine is not prohibited and many caffeine’s products are spread out widely.

Even, another interesting fact that written in the Wikipedia is that global consumption of caffeine has been estimated at 120,000 tonnes per year.

This is the same amounts to one serving of a caffeinated beverage for every person every day. No wonder if coffee and tea shop are always crowded.

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

Health Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine can be found in many beverages, mostly in a coffee and with a minimum amount in a tea.

Therefore, those who usually consume these beverages will deal with adding caffeine to the body every time they consume it.

According to some researches, it is found that caffeine can bring many health benefits.

Therefore, consume caffeinated beverages in some amount is quite good for the body.

While some people still argue whether it can block the body growth or not, it is better to see below facts on caffeine’s benefit for the health.Photo Images Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth It is Facts - Benefits of Coffee Caffeine

  1. Stimulate Nerve

Consume caffeine will lead to nerve stimulating. There is a research show that the caffeine will lead the neuron system to become more active.

This can make the neuron system become rapid and works to stimulate other parts of the body.

Furthermore, it causes the nerve actively working to affecting the brain.

  1. Stimulate Metabolism

As the caffeine can actively stimulating the nerve, it will lead the body system works faster.

Including the metabolism system that rapidly changes the food into needed energy for the body.

Furthermore, it will optimize the oxygen level inside the blood that will help to optimize food burning activity.

This kind of activity also brings the body to absorb nutrient effectively including to avoid fat forming in the body.

  1. Energy Booster

A faster metabolic rate is one of the ways to improve the energy level in the body.

Through a good metabolism system, the body will keep resulting more energy by burning any food consume effectively.

This is why caffeine also a good energy booster.

Especially in the morning, it is suitable to start the day and perform the activity without feeling weak or tired.

  1. Brain Development

The caffeine capability in stimulating the nerve also can affect the brain works. This will improve the brain nerve by doing something.

The neuron of the brain will work effectively to perform a various task as requested.

Therefore, caffeine can be a good natural way to develop the brain to performing something and improve the way of thinking.

  1. Increase Memory

The stimulated brain nerve that leads to better brain performance will help the memory to increase.

Therefore, caffeine also good for those who try to thinking straight faster.

This is why caffeine can also help people in remind something and keep more memories in the brain.

Through consuming caffeine, the brain pulse will optimize the nerve in keeping information and optimize the global aspect of particular memory to keep reminding.

  1. Avoid Dementia

Since the caffeine work to block the adenosine, it leads to increase in human awareness.

This makes the brain works optimum and leads to a better thinking.

As mentioned previously that the caffeine can increase the memory capability, then it is a good way for elderly who experience early aging signs including any experience of dementia.

Through a good brain nerve stimulant, it let the brain works effectively to avoid memory loss and decrease thinking.

  1. Relieve Muscle

Consume caffeine will bring efficiency to the muscle stimulation too.

This can be happening since the caffeine will block the adenosine receptors that usually attached to muscle’s fiber.

This can lead to a bigger burst of calcium and result in more strong muscle. Furthermore, it can improve the body endurance while doing some workout.

This will help to lead more added mass to the muscle and also a good way to provide fasten muscle relief when experiencing any injuries.

  1. Increase Stamina

By the time that the body becomes active, apparently, the energy and the stamina can also increase too.

This is why people consuming caffeine as a way to avoid sleepy and able to awake along the night to do some works or activities.

This able the body to keep alert during doing something. Therefore, it is good to keep a good stamina even during exhausted too.

Mainly when doing some exercise, the stamina increment leads to optimize fat burning.

  1. Digestion Aids

Caffeine is a good agent to help with fasten digest. It works to stimulate the stomach, mainly the intestine bowel movement to create a fasten digest.

Usually, after an hour after consuming caffeine, the intestinal start to works faster and increase the digest system.

This work by absorbing more water in into the intestine and help to ease the digestive. This is why drinking coffee and tea can be a natural aid for digestion system.

It will avoid the possibility of experience digestive problems.

  1. Weight Loss

As the caffeine work effectively to perform fasten digest, it is one of the suitable treatment for those who experience overweight.

Therefore, it is a natural way to manage the weight including to help with the weight loss.

This is why the current slimming Clinique provide caffeine treatment as another choice to get rid of fat from the body.

A lighter weight can help to avoid cardiovascular diseases and help to light the body.

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

Relation of Caffeine and Body Growth

Looking at the above benefits, it clearly described that caffeine brings many advantages for the health.

It is not mentioned that caffeine can help to improve the bone strength or act as the mineral source.

But there is no evidence too that caffeine will absorb the calcium level inside the body and lead to minerals deficit.

However, there are some reports that caffeine can reduce the bone mass and also increased the risk of experience bone fractures at the same time.

This is an observational study and not happen in all caffeine consumer, only a few of them.

The study itself need further explaination, since many people only heard that the caffeine increased the risk of reducing bone mass.

But not the further information that research also shows the amount of the loss calcium is very small.

This mechanism happens due to the depressant effect of the caffeine lead to intestinal calcium absorption.

It even not affecting the urinary calcium excretion. Therefore, there is no enormous number of loss of calcium even consuming caffeine every day.

As a matter of fact, the effect of caffeine in taking the calcium number from the body only as little as 1-2 tablespoons of milk.

Hence, to replace the amount of lost calcium can easily do be done by consuming a glass of milk.

The Studies

The National Academy of Science or NAS mention that the daily needs of calcium are about 1000-1200 milligrams per day.

While a cup of coffee only loss about 18.75mg of calcium.

This is a fact that if a caffeine lover able to balance the consumption of milk and coffee, then the body will lead to no calcium deficiency.

Hence, the bone can keep healthy and no further effects on the bone strength.

Even a study performed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition mention that the only person loss the calcium number due to caffeine consumption were the age of 65-66 years woman.

The study shows that this woman will experience more risks of osteoporosis after three years of consuming 300 milligrams of caffeine per day.

This research and evidence lead to a conclusion that young people will not experience any calcium loss from consuming coffee or tea.

Furthermore, young people who consume enough milk and vegetables will get their daily calcium needs to fulfill.

Therefore, it is considered safe for young people including children and teenager to have a cup of coffee or tea daily.

There is no effect that the caffeine will make the bone stop growing or the bone mass experience deficit.

Through giving the right meal and nutrient that high in calcium and magnesium, children can keep growing normal according to their age even consuming or just sipping an amount of coffee every day.

Hence, the myth is brake and the fact proven that the caffeine does not stunt the growth.

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

Side Effects of Caffeine

Even that the caffeine is good for the health and has no relation to growth, still there are some side effects that need to consider.

For those that a coffee lover, it is better to know clearly what the lists of the side effects of caffeine are.

Below points described the common side effects which can happen if consuming caffeine too much.Photo Image Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth It is Facts Caffeine Side Effects

  1. Heart Problems

As mention previously, caffeine will stimulate the nerve system. It will optimize the heartbeat and lead to higher hate rate than usual.

This might good for younger people with a good body health. But it is a harmful situation for the elderly and may lead to heart attack.

Therefore, people of elder age recommend to stop consume caffeine frequently and drink more plenty of water.

  1. Dehydration

Drinking caffeine will lead to excessive urination. Therefore, some amount of liquids is keep flushed out of the body after the caffeine consumed.

This is why after drink a cup of coffee or tea it is suggested to drink several glasses of water.

Furthermore, limit the numbered cup of this caffeine content beverage will avoid the kidney problems.

If the body keeps receiving caffeine without water, then the body liquid will start to decrease and this will lead to dehydration.

A further effect of dehydration can lead to major problems of the body system if this not immediately taking care.

  1. Restlessness

Caffeine will lead to faster metabolism. Therefore, too much caffeine will make the body keep converting energy and make the person feel restlessness.

Furthermore, the increasing heartbeat due to caffeine will make the body asking for more activities.

Hence, it is dangerous to get too much caffeine in a day, mainly before sleeping.

  1. Sleep Disorder

With regards to above restlessness effect, this will lead to sleep disorder. Especially if consume caffeine during night time before sleeping.

The caffeine will stimulate the heart beat and lead the body to keep awake.

Neglected the fact that actually, the body system needs to stop and have some rest.

  1. Hypertension

Consume caffeine also can simulate a higher blood pressure. In normal condition, this might not danger.

But for the elderly, this will lead to hypertension. Especially to those which experience hypertension diseases.

It is better not to consume coffee to avoid this dangerous effect.

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

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Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth? Conclusion!

Until today the worlds still prefer caffeine as their best option in the morning before start some activities.

Neglected the side effects, a proper amount of caffeine in the body will lead to several advantages as mentioned previously.

Furthermore, there are no specific effects of consuming caffeine with the body growth.

Caffeine will absolutely not stunt the growth. However, it depends on the consumer wise in consuming the products which contain caffeine daily.

Therefore, make sure to have the proper limits.

This can help the body to accumulate a proper number of caffeine to bring advantages and avoid the side effects.

Hopefully this Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth article can answer your questions

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