Can cats eat bananas? CanOrCannot.Com – You might once catch your cat eyeing up your fruit bowl.

Did she try taking the banana slice from your bowl? For you love your pet, you might want to share your food to him.

Yet, would be ok? Is banana harmless for cats?

Can Cats Eat Bananas?

What is Inside a Banana?

Banana is one of the most favored fruits in the world. Not only is it nutritious, it is also tasty and beneficial for human’s health.

Banana is also high on great source of natural sugar.

In addition to that, banana also has high levels of vitamin C, protein, potassium, fiber, magnesium, manganese, copper, biotin, dietary fiber and vitamin B.

What is more, banana only contains low calories. A banana in medium size contains of 105 calories.

Banana is surely sweet but its Glycemic Index is low.

Researches have proven that banana can lower human’s blood pressure, decrease the possibility of getting cancers, and reducing the chances of getting strokes and heart attacks.

Besides, banana is also said to be able to lift human’s mood and to boost energy because of the potassium inside a banana.

Potassium in a banana also plays role as muscle cramps preventer.

That’s why, a lot of athletes favor banana a lot during their tournaments and workouts.

We, consequently, feel tempted to grab one banana, break of a single piece to let our feline friend enjoy the tasty benefits and flavor.

However, is giving a cat banana a wise decision?

Can Cats Eat Bananas Safely?

The answer for this is yes, they can. Banana is not a toxic fruit for a cat and is safe to be fed to the feline friend.

However, as it is with other things in life, the fruit should be given in moderation only.

It is important to bear in mind that cat has different needs from human, including the nutritional needs as well as taste.

The digestive systems of cat is not similarly designed like human’s which is receiving nutrients from food sources that are plant based like bananas.

Cats are indeed carnivore, the true ones even. Therefore, they need to obtain their needs of nutrients from meat not plant.

Now, your follow up questions for the explanation above may be “Can cat owners make banana as a cat treat?”

Experts said that cat owners can give banana to their cats and expect the fruit gives no harm to the feline as long as it is given in small portions.

Also, there are some conditions that cat owners should meet before giving a banana to their cats.

First, make sure the banana is ripe. Second, ensure that the skin of the banana has been peeled or removed.

Lastly, make sure that the banana is given to the cats in small piece only to prevent the cat from choking.

Apart from that, feeding banana will be better if cat owners dampening the fruit with water to make the banana moistened.

Dampening banana can keep the feline from weight loss and help you extend the banana portion.

Always remember that whenever you want to feed your cat with banana you need to go easy on it.

Also, mix the banana with your cat’s regular food.

Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Are Bananas Good for Cats?

Banana is indeed safe for cat but does it contribute something good to cats? For this feline cat, banana cannot be as beneficial as it is for us human.

The reason is because the body of the cats is not able to absorb nutrients and vitamins from the fruit except for the fiber.

Adding banana to your cat’s diet can insert new addition of fiber that can make the cat’s stomach feels fuller without giving it additional calories.

This then can prevent the cat from getting obese.

Equally important, fiber in a banana can provide an aid to a cat’s digestive system and can help the cat’s treatment of constipation and diarrhea.

However, unlike for dogs and humans, this feline friend does not need dietary fiber that much.

If you already give your cat commercial feed with high quality, your cat has the amount of fiber it needs without any need of giving the cat any additional fiber.

Simply said, a banana is a fruit that provides no real nutritional value for cats.

In a nutshell, cats can eat banana without getting any health issue but just with getting no health benefits.

Why Are Some Cats Afraid of Bananas?

You may have seen lots of hilarious video showing cats from various age range and breeds are so afraid of bananas they get scared and jumpy? Why so?

What makes the cat scared of the harmless fruit? Well, there are some reasons for that.

To begin with, they are shocked or frightened by unexpected attack from this harmless fruit. Cats see bananas as unfamiliar objects.

In a cat’s mind, the unfamiliar object may give them a threat like the ones from predator. Secondly, cats don’t like the smell of a banana that is ripe.

Ripe bananas produces unpleasant odor because of its ethyl acetate. This acetate is repulsive for the feline friends.

Therefore, the cats can get whiffs and choose to run away.

However, not all cats act the same way whenever they are exposed with bananas. Not all cats are scared of bananas.

It also happens the same way with the treats of frozen banana. Some feline friends may like the treats while some other feline friends may not.

It all depends on how curious and capricious the cats are.

If you have more than one cat, your cats may perform different reactions when they are exposed to bananas that you bought.

Don’t force your cats to get close to banana if they find the fruit uncomfortable.

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Can Cats Eat Bananas? Conclusion!

To sum it up, feline friends can eat bananas and they will not get harmed by the fruit.

However, the fruit should be given in moderation and should not be put to the cat’s dietary too much.

Although it is not dangerous to the cats, it gives no avail to the animal. So, choose the food for your cats wisely.

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