Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs, CanOrCannot.Com – For the most of us, enjoying the eggs within their various forms is an easy way to do.

Besides being healthy, eggs are also considered to be very delicious. They can be in forms of hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs or scrambled eggs.

These kinds of food are also nutritious which have become very common to be consumed as the diet food.

But, what about the eggs for dogs? Can dogs gain any benefit from the eggs?

Facts about Eggs

For the dog lovers, they have such concerns that happen frequently on what their dogs can eat.

The concern may become worse particularly if it deals with some raw food.

If you haven’t known before, there some food that dogs can’t eat. When they accidently consume these foods, they may be exposed to some severe issues in their health.

For example if they happen to eat chocolate. There is one question that is being asked by the dog lovers, can dogs eat eggs?

Eggs seem to be harmless so if the dogs really want to eat, why don’t just give eggs to them?

Some dog lovers believe that this is fine, while some others don’t think that it is safe. So, which one seems to be true? Let’s see.

Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs?

What is Inside the Egg?

We have already known where egg comes from. You also probably know the composition of egg. Yes, egg basically consists of three parts.

They are the yolk suspended inside the egg white, the egg white and the hard outer shell. This egg also contains various nutrients.

The major nutrients are found in the yolk. Although both yolk and egg white contain protein, the yolk has more protein than the egg white.

As mentioned by the United States Department of Agriculture, there are 6 grams of protein inside one raw egg.

Furthermore, eggs are also good for health due to:

  • Containing lots of minerals
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Great source of digestible and non-meat protein that needed by dogs as their diet
  • Improving the condition of the coat and skin health of dog
  • Rich in iron
  • Source of selenium
  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Contain thiamine
  • Rich in vitamin B12
  • Source of calcium
  • Contain riboflavin

The egg yolk contains various types of nutrients. One of them is biotin.

The function of biotin is to support the growth of a healthy coat. For the issue with biotin deficiency, there need to be large amount of egg whites.

If you know that your dogs don’t suffer from biotin deficiency, then eggs are no problem for them.

Eggs are full of protein especially the animal protein. This nutrient is what the dog food should contain.

The protein has the role for building up the dog’s body, especially from the inside.

Besides the nutrients mentioned previously, egg also contains vitamin D. This vitamin makes such great collaboration with other protein inside of the egg.

It can be very useful for the development of bones and teeth of your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Are Scrambled Eggs Good to Go?

Scrambled eggs are safe and good for the dogs. However, you need to be careful on how to serve them, especially what you put inside them.

For the dog food, the scrambled eggs need to be free and clean from any additives. No pepper, no salt, no avocado, no onions, no garlic, no oils, or other spices.

You can add a bit of cheese if you want. Serve the eggs simple and plain, and your dogs will enjoy them very much.

When feeding your canine with scrambled eggs, start firstly with small portions. Observe if your dog’s stomach is able to handle the food.

Some dogs may tend to be more sensitive compared to others.

Health Benefits of Eggs for Dogs

Whether you want to serve your dogs with raw, pouched, hard-boiled, or scrambled one, eggs are very good.

They can provide dogs with healthy nutrients. The commercial dog food may not contain all the nutrients inside the eggs.

If you think that your dogs can handle the proteins, you can feed them with eggs.

Possible Side Effects for Dogs

For the dogs consuming eggs, there are also some side effects which may occur. As you know that nothing in this life is 100% perfect.

However, these side effects are not considered to be quite serious, though.

There are two possible side effects for your dogs if you feed them with eggs:

1. Passing gas

This is the common side effect which may happen after you feed your canine with some eggs.

You can expect to smell some nasty smells around them. This nasty smell may also happen when you feed your dogs some edamame.

2. Weight gain

It is because eggs contain lots of fat especially the egg yolk

3. Biotin Deficiency

Too many egg consumptions may lead to the biotin deficiency. This may also make the dogs exposed to the salmonella risk.

You can manage this by controlling the eggs to be given to your dogs. Make sure that you don’t over-feed them with eggs.

How Many Eggs that Dogs Can Eat?

First thing that you need to remember is that eggs are not the main food for your dogs. Therefore, giving them one egg in one day is good.

For one week, make sure that you only give maximum of two eggs to your dogs.

If you notice that your dogs don’t suffer from digestive problems or stomach upset, you are good to go.

But, although you don’t notice any problem with your dog’s stomach, you can’t just feed them eggs.

Always limit the number of egg to be fed to your dogs. Don’t give them more and more eggs. Keep a maximum of one egg in one day.

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Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs? Conclusion!

So, Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs? The answer is yes. Eggs can become such healthy and nutritious food for the dogs if they are prepared properly.

Make sure to always keep the eggs simple and plain. Make sure to check of your dogs like eating them.

Feed them with eggs maximum two days per week.

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