Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs, CanOrCannot.Com – There have been lots of debates about giving raw eggs to dogs.

Some claim raw eggs are great for dogs while some others ban the uncooked eggs due to the possible risk infecting their beloved dogs.

What is actually inside a raw egg? What risk can possibly emerge to dog’s health? Eventually, can dogs eat raw eggs?

The Nutritional Benefits Inside an Egg

Before going further and deeper about raw egg, let’s egg in general. Egg is actually great for the body, both ours and dogs’.

The reason is because egg is high in protein.

Besides, egg also contains amino acids that are needed by dogs for their health. Egg is also full of selenium, iron, Vitamins B12, B2, and A.

That being said, dogs and their health can easily benefit from eating eggs.

However, the owners need to make sure that the nutritional value, especially amino acids, are not ruined.

One of the factors that can destroy that nutritional value is by cooking the eggs.

So, feeding the eggs raw to the dogs is the right way to benefit the maximum benefits of health.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? Is it Fine?

Seeing the explanation above, dog owners should easily draw a conclusion that to raw eggs are way better than the cooked ones.

Raw egg is even a great source of various nutrients that are essential for dogs. The nutrients are useful to strengthen the hair, build the muscle, and repair the tissue of dogs.

Even more, all the tears and wears that occur to dogs’ bones, muscles, and tissues can easily be decreased by giving raw eggs to the dogs.

To give you clearer picture of what nutrients can be expected from an egg, here is the list of the beneficial nutrients: vitamin A, amino acids, vitamin B12, riboflavin, iron, calcium, selenium, and fatty acids.

The calcium inside an egg comes from an egg’s shell and is good for forming good digestion and strong teeth in dogs.

Meanwhile, the fatty acids are helpful in making better skin of fogs as well as make the dogs’ skin stronger.

That’s why, if dogs have flaky and itchy skin, feeding them with raw eggs can be a great problem solver.

Although raw eggs contain those nutrients, eggs cannot be a sole component in a dog’s diet.

Eggs should only be a part of the whole dog’s diet. However, the dog can surely benefit from being fed a couple of raw eggs in a week.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs? Is it Safe?

Fact has said that raw eggs are great for dogs although they should be given in moderation or occasionally.

However, why do some dog owners seem to worry about it, then? What may be the causes of that worry?

The answer for that is some real risks that a raw egg may bring. Let’s go through the real risks to understand them more:

To begin with, dog owners should realize that raw eggs may carry Salmonella or E. Coli. This risk is deemed rare but it is very possible.

Yet, dog is an animal that has short digestive tract and acidic stomach. Therefore, the chances of dogs being infected of either Salmonella or E. Coli is very rare.

However, dog owners need to make sure that the eggs they are about to give to their dogs are from trusted sources.

Secondly, eggs may contain avidin which becomes an inhibitor of biotin. The fact is that egg white can forbid vitamin B or healthy biotin from being beneficial for the dogs’ health.

So, don’t try to give straight egg whites to any dog. When people are concerning and worrying about this they may forget that the yolks of eggs are high in biotin.

That’s why, as long as dog owners feed the eggs to dogs as a whole, the dogs will be just fine.

If dogs are to get the deficiency of biotin, dog owners will easily see the symptoms from the dog’s coat/skin conditions and inhibited metabolism.

To counteract this issue, simply feed the dog with foods that are high in biotin such as salmon, peanut butter, and blueberries.

The last concern about feeding dogs with raw eggs is the dogs’ stinky farts. This is another risk that dog owners should be ready with.

Not all dog owners are able to put up with the farting.

So, if the dog owners feed their dogs with too many raw eggs, they need to be ready with lots of the dogs’ stinky farts as well as strain on the dogs’ digestive system.

Tips for Feeding Raw Eggs to Dogs

So, can dogs eat raw eggs? The answer is yes but with some conditions. There are some tips for feeding raw eggs to dogs. They are:

1. Raw Eggs

Feed dogs with raw eggs not the cooked ones. Cooking egg can destroy the nutritional value inside them.

Raw eggs may look unpalatable to the dog owners, yet dogs love raw eggs.

2. The Shell

Wisely consider whether feeding the eggs should be with the shell. Remember that the shell of an egg is high in biotin and calcium, all of which are great source of beneficial nutrients for a dog.

Also, the shell of an egg is able to counteract the inhibition of biotin that is caused by the white of the eggs.

Although the shell of the eggs is great for dogs, dog owners should be aware of salmonella infected the shell.

That’s why, dog owners should make sure that the eggs they are about to give to their dogs are from the trustworthy source

3. The Amount

Lastly but importantly, consider the number of eggs that should be given to dogs. Consider about giving one or two eggs in a day.

That number of eggs is already plenty. Even, there will still be a lot of health benefits in feeding dogs one or two per week.


Can dog eat raw eggs? Yes! However, there are a couple of conditions that a dog owner should fulfill.

The conditions include getting the eggs from the right source and serving the eggs to the dogs in the right portion.

If the conditions are fulfilled, there should be no worries.

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