Can Dogs Eat Olives, CanOrCannot.Com – Dogs often show interest in whatever food you are eating, even in olives, but can dogs eat olives?

Is it safe for your pooches? It is always a good thing to be cautious about the treat that your dogs want.

When it comes to olives, you must know pay attention to several things before feeding them.

When it comes to olives, feeding your dogs this fruit is okay.

Olives are not toxic to dogs. That is the short and simple answer. The long explanation of the statement is more complicated.

As one of human food, olives can both provide health benefits and cause some issues.

Give your dogs some olives in moderation to avoid the side effects.


Can Dogs Eat Olives? Precautions

Although it is true that dogs can eat olives, there are several things that you must pay attention to before feeding your pet the fruit.

First of all, olives are not necessary for your pooches. However, if your dogs like the treat, you must give the fruit in moderation.

Letting your dogs eat olives too much will make them experience stomach discomfort; they might end up suffering from diarrhea.

The second thing that you must also consider is the sodium level in the treat, especially if you buy canned olives.

Humans can consume more than the amount of salt we need, but dogs are not used to the excessive sodium intake.

Pooches’ daily sodium intake is also far lower than a human’s. They only need about 10 mg of sodium every day, but one small olive produces 24 mg.

Excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure. This condition also applies to dogs.

The effects are also much more serious, especially for your senior and obese pooches.

In addition, consuming too much sodium can also cause salt poisoning.

This issue has some serious effects, including death.

Another thing that you must consider when giving canned olives is the additives.

Many companies which manufacture olive-based products mix the fruit with various spices and ingredients.

Some of them may be bad for dogs. Check whether the stuffed olives contain hot spices, such as spicy peppers, high-processed cheese which are harmful to dogs.

If you find that the product contains onion or garlic, do not feed it to your canine at all costs because both ingredients are toxic to your dogs.

Olives also have a rich concentration of monounsaturated fats which can be good in moderation but can cause pancreatitis.

Serve the fruit without the pit. Eating olive pits may lead to choking hazard or crack your dogs’ tooth.Photo Image Can Dogs Eat Olives How to Feed it

Can Dogs Eat Olives? Health Benefits of Consuming Olives

We have discussed the danger of giving olives too much or without a good preparation.

Despite not being really needed by your dog, do olives have some health benefits for them?

Read on! You will find that besides the side effects, olives can give various benefits for your pooches.

Olives and olives oil are rich in monounsaturated fats which is actually good if your dogs do not get them too much.

They can lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels. Thus, consuming olives can decrease the risks of diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

The monounsaturated fats also break down your dogs’ fat cells. It may help your obese dogs lose some weights.

The essential fatty acids contained in olives are also good for your pooches’ skin and coat. These acids make the skin stay hydrated, resulting in less shedding.

The coat will be soft, shiny, and glossy. Besides, olives are a great source of proteins and some vitamins, such as vitamin A, E, and K.

Thus, the fruit is good for your pooches’ eyesight. Since olives also have calcium and vitamin K, the fruit can support your canines’ bones by improving the density.

Olives are also good at improving brain function. In addition, they can also improve the blood and oxygen circulation.

Since blood flow affects the organ function and cell growth, the overall health of your pooches may also increase.

A good blood circulation lowers your furry friends’ resting heart rate, thus their hearts pump blood more efficiently.

Consuming olives can reduce inflammation. Besides, the vitamin E, chlorophyll, carotenoids, and antioxidants can boost your pooches’ immunity systems.

The antioxidants can also prevent the oxidation caused by free radicals cells which speed up the process of aging.

In addition, olives contain oleic acid which is believed to prevent and fight certain types of cancer.

How to Feed Olives to Your Furry Friends

Now, you know that feeding olives can be beneficial for your dogs if they are given in small portions.

In preparing the serving, there are several things you should note. The first one is that the safest olives for your dogs are the fresh and plain ones.

That’s right! If you could, choose the ones freshly picked from their trees.

You may need to spend some extra bucks to purchase the organic ones, which are good for both your family and pets.

Once again, only choose the fresh olives. If you have some olives which are too old and moldy, throw them away instead of giving them to your pooches.

Mouldy olives are not healthy for dogs for they may contain tremorgenic mycotoxins.

Consuming them may lead to seizures and tremors.

You do not need to choose whether to feed black or green olives. You may feed them both alternatively because both of them are safe.

However, you should note that the ripe black ones have a slightly higher concentration of nutrients and contain less sodium.

In addition, olive oil is also safe for your pooches.

Before you feed olives to your dogs, especially the canned ones, rinse them off to reduce the amount of sodium they contain.

Then, remove their seeds. Start slowly when you introduce the feed. If your pets have got used to the treat, you can give up to two or three olives for your pooch a day.

Do not give it too frequently though.

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Can Dogs Eat Olives? Conclusion

Although fresh olives are perfectly safe for your pooches, several things, such as excessive servings and careless preparations may cause a disastrous result.

You must avoid the canned ones if possible and give olives in moderation.

A proper preparation can give your dogs the maximum health benefits.

We hope that conclude the answer to “Can dogs eat olives?”

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