Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? CanOrCannot.Com – If you sometimes share your food, especially fruits, with your dogs you may have wondered, “Can dogs eat kiwi?”

This fuzzy fruit has many nutrients which are beneficial for humans’ health.

Nonetheless, can dogs get the same benefit by consuming kiwi? If they can, will it be noticeable? Is there any side effect?

Generally speaking, kiwi is quite safe for dogs. Feeding your dogs with kiwi is fine as long as you give the portion in moderation.

If your dogs eat kiwi too much, they may suffer from stomach upset.

However, the nutrients contained in the kiwi fruit make it an excellent choice for a treat for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? The Benefit of Kiwi

Among the fruits and vegetables that dogs can consume, such as apples, watermelons, and carrots, kiwi belongs to the okay group.

The flesh of the fruits is perfectly safe for your dogs and may give some health benefits for your dogs.

However, make sure you do not include the skin and the seeds of the fruit when you feed it to your furry buddies.

There are several nutrients that the fruit provides. The most notable one is its vitamin C that the fruit contains.

Kiwi fruit is known as a source of vitamin C. The amount of this vitamin contained in the fruit is quite high.

The fruit is known to produce more than 100% of the recommended minimum intake of vitamin C.

Hence, consuming kiwi is good for humans. Yet, since dogs can manufacture the said vitamin, you should consider the serving amount.

Another reason why your pooches can safely eat this tropical fruit while getting some health benefits is that kiwi fruit also contains vitamin E, vitamin K, and dietary fiber.

This fruit is also rich in potassium. These substances can give many benefits for your canine pals.

In addition to the nutrients mentioned above, the exotic fruit also contains a high concentration of folate.

Besides, carotenoids and flavonoids can be found in the exotic fruit. Moreover, the high amount of antioxidants in kiwi can also bring great benefits for your canines.

Besides containing no cholesterol, the fruit is also low in sodium.

One thing that you must be aware of is how to preserve this fruit’s nutrients. Kiwi fruit can be safely stored either in your refrigerator or at room temperature.

If you want to make sure that your pooches get the maximum amount of antioxidants and other nutrients contained in the kiwi, you must feed your dogs the fully ripened ones.

Giving fully ripe kiwi fruits to your dogs as occasional treats will benefit them the most.Photo Image Can Dogs Eat Kiwi Fruits Is it Safe

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? The Health Benefits of Kiwi for Dogs

Due to the various beneficial nutrients that kiwi fruits contain, your dogs can get many advantages from consuming the exotic fruit.

The first one is that kiwi fruit is able to protect the pups from cellular oxidative damage.

Moreover, since the exotic fruit contains a high level of vitamin C, consuming kiwi occasionally can help your dog avoid respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Although owners must not worry too much about the matter, your pooches’ respiratory problems must be taken seriously.

You must do some prevention. Discuss with your vet about serving kiwi to your pets as a way to prevent the diseases.

After all, preventing diseases through providing healthy, balanced diets is more efficient than curing the sickness using medicines and surgeries.

Besides preventing cellular oxidative damage and asthma, letting your dogs eat kiwi fruit in small portions is beneficial due to its high concentration of folate.

This substance is beneficial for both humans and dogs’ health, especially when giving birth.

Even when not giving birth, folate is still needed to maintain their health condition.

The carotenoids and flavonoids in the fruit also can prevent certain kinds of cancer.

Besides having these cancer-fighting properties, the fruit is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Thus, eating kiwi fruits may help in easing the discomfort and even pain of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and spinal problems.

Some recent studies also provide scientific evidence that consuming this tropical food support the eyes against macular degeneration which is the effect of the aging process.

Hence, your senior dogs can get a great benefit. Dogs suffer more than human when it comes to aging process.

The reason is that they have much shorter life spans. Thus it will affect them on a much larger scale as well.

To keep them healthy, adding fruits and veggies to their healthy diets besides their much needed raw meat can improve their longevity.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? How to Feed?

You should keep the mantra “in moderation” in mind while preparing the treat for your pooches.

In addition, like any other fruit and vegetable, you must consider kiwi as a treat rather than one of your dogs’ staple meal.

Giving an excessive amount of kiwi may lead to digestive upset. Following this stomach pain, your dogs might also experience diarrhea.

Your dogs may consume fresh or dried kiwi. You can purchase various dried kiwi product for your pooches.

Yet, when choosing the product, make sure that you choose the one having the least amount of added sugar.

The reason is that some dogs are prone to diabetes.

In addition, dogs can eat raw or cooked kiwi fruit.

Before you give your pets this tasty food, however, make sure you peel the outer shell off and remove all the seeds.

Eating the skin of the fruit may lead to choking hazard. Furthermore, kiwi fruit’s seeds are toxic to dogs.

After peeling off the skin, dice or slice the fruits into your dog’s bite-size. Never let them consume a whole fruit because there is a high potential for choking.

If your furry friends eat whole kiwi fruits, bring them to vets at once to ensure that they won’t develop stomach blockage as well.

Only give them one up to two slices of kiwi fruits in a day. If you dogs love the treats and still appears healthy, you may add the portion a bit into one and a half or two slices.

Never give them more than one kiwi in a day unless you enjoy cleaning their mess and spending money to treat diarrhea.

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Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? Conclusion

Kiwi fruits do contain various beneficial substances for both humans and canines.

Thus, consuming kiwi fruits can give many health benefits.

Although the benefits are not quite noticeable, giving the fruit in moderation occasionally will be good for your pooches.

So, can dogs eat kiwi? Absolutely.

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