CanORCannot.Com – Can dog eat bananas? Well, banana is undeniably tasty for human.

We even use this fruit in many kinds of food beverage such as smoothies, cereal, or just simply as a healthy snack between our meals.

In addition to being tasty, banana is also a good choice of fruit as it provides us energy and many vitamins. However, are bananas also good and safe for dogs?

What Does a Banana Contain?

If you just realized that your dog ate a banana yesterday but you’ve never done any research on how healthy banana treats for your dogs are, you better not worry!

Banana is safe for your dog and thus you can include this fruit to the Iist of your dog food.

Banana, which is normally known as human food, is actually a great source of vitamins and minerals.

A banana, which is actually safe enough to be used as treat for your dogs, contains of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, copper, biotin, and fiber.

Besides, banana has low amount of cholesterol and sodium. However, the high content of sugar in bananas can be harmful if you make it as your dogs diet.

Surely, dogs can eat a banana, but just limit it to be their banana dog treat. So, as a good dog owner, make sure you only let your dogs eat bananas in moderation or little bit amount of it.

Can Dog Eat Bananas – The Pros

As long as dog owners don’t give their dogs too much banana, the fruit won’t turn to be bad for dogs. Photo Image Can Dog Eat Bananas What The Side Effect

To make it clearer how dogs health can benefit from this fruit, take a look at the following list of the positive sides of feeding your dog bananas.

First of all, bananas are rich in potassium. It is great for your dog’s aids muscle and blood vessel function.

If you want your dog to be an active dog or you want to give a dog training to your pet, giving banana will surely be helpful.

It helps a dog’s nerves fire and muscle move and thus can ease the process of giving dog training.

Also, it helps your dog balance fluids throughout its body.

The next advantage of letting your dogs eat bananas is giving them another vitamin B6 intake that regulates blood cells function.

While B6 is also great at fighting infection, it’s also helpful in regulating blood sugar levels and making red blood cells.

But, again, you need to consult with a vet regarding the best dog nutritional need.

Further, feeding your dog banana can be as beneficial as feeding puppies as well as other dog breeds. Bananas are simply good for every dogs health.

One thing you need to make sure is not to give your dogs banana peels.

Banana peels can create a blockage. Besides, when dogs eat banana peels, their digestions get hardened.

Can Dog Eat Bananas – The Cons

Albeit bananas are safe for dogs, feeding your dog with dog bananas should be done in a careful consideration.

Whenever you let your dogs eat bananas, you should watch for your dogs nutritional needs, any allergies possibility, and weight changes.

Dog bananas aren’t toxic to dogs though, but they can be very difficult to digest. If dogs get bananas difficult to digest, this fruit will just end up being harmful to dogs.

To easily check whether bananas are harmful to dogs, start giving them with small and easy pieces of banana.

If nothing happens, you can go ahead with more pieces. Starting giving this sweet treat to your dogs in easy pieces also limits the risk of the dogs getting allergic to the fruit.

Some dogs are allergic to bananas although it is pretty rare.

In addition, as how it applies to human food, nothing is good to be too much.

Use banana in a dog treat basis only, not at the daily basis, unless you want your dogs to get the symptoms of banana overdose.

What are the symptoms? To give you some examples, watch for any straining to pass a pain and discomfort, bowel movement, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Can Dog Eat Bananas – Making Most of Banana for Dogs

After knowing the pros and cons of feeding your dog bananas, you also need to know other things you can do with this.

You can just actually slice ripe bananas into easy pieces for them to eat but why not making the bananas into other banana dog treats?

There are a lot of treat recipes that can help you cook various banana dog foods to let your dogs enjoy different kinds of banana treat.

By cooking ripe bananas, you can liven up your dogs dinner by enabling them to eat peanut butters, eat oatmeal peanut butters, and eat banana chips– to mention some.

In addition to the fact that you can give different treats for your dogs by cooking bananas, you can also earning more money by building sites to earn advertising fees.

At those sites, you can open an online shop selling banana treat for other dog owners.

Let other dogs and dog owners also enjoy new kinds of dog treat and dogs dinner, while also letting other dog owners to maximize their dog training and their dog’s healthy living style.

Can Dog Eat Bananas – How Much Banana Can a Dog Afford?

Bananas should only be given to dogs as a treat, not as a substitution of balanced dog diet.

To give you some references, you can give up to half of a regular sized banana each day to a medium to large dogs.

For smaller dog breeds, you need to limit the amount of banana to two or three small pieces of banana per day.

Yet, that amount of banana intake can be slightly different for working and active dogs. As they burn more calories throughout the day, more bananas can be fed up to them.

Can Dog Eat Bananas? The Summary

Bananas are safe for dogs as long as the fruits are offered in small quantities as a treat.

Bananas contain lots of vitamin and minerals that are important for dogs’ healthy body function. So, can dog eats bananas? Definetely!

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