Can You Have an Overdose of Vitamin C, CanOrCannot.Com – One of the most important vitamins needed in your body is vitamin C. There are so many benefits of vitamin C for your health.

It can work as antioxidant and improve immune system. So, vitamin C can prevent various diseases and increase your health.

Photo Image Can You Have an Overdose of Vitamin C What The Side EffectHowever, can you have an overdose of vitamin C? That is why what we will discuss in this article below.

In fact, there are many problems that can be caused by overdoes of vitamin C.

The Benefits of Vitamin C

There are many people who take vitamin C every day. In fact, vitamin C has so many health benefits.

As we know, vitamin C belongs to the best antioxidants. It can protect you from free radicals and other damages such as viruses.

So, it keeps you healthy all day. However, can you overdose vitamin C? It is not allowed to take too much vitamin C because of the side effects.

The Sources of Vitamin C

What is the best source of vitamin C? Everyone will say that it is orange. It also includes orange juice.

However, there are also many other fruits that contain high vitamin C. One of them is bell peppers.

Besides, there is also broccoli. Then, cantaloupe also contains high vitamin C. Grapefruit also belongs to the best source of vitamin C.

Other best fruits that produce vitamin C are tomatoes, strawberries and kiwi fruit. So, you should consider eating those fruits regularly.

But, can you have too much vitamin C? Taking vitamin C is good but too much vitamin C is can cause bad effects.

Can You Have an Overdose of Vitamin C – How Much Is Overdose of Vitamin C?

You have to know the average of vitamin C needs. According to National Institutes of Health, women need 70 milligrams of vitamin C per day whereas men need about 90 milligrams of vitamin C every day.

For pregnant and nursing women, they need higher amounts of vitamin C than usual.

So, can you have an overdose of vitamin C? Before we talk about it too far, it will be better to know what overdose of vitamin C means.

The maximum of vitamin C taken by people is 2,000 milligrams in a day. It happens for adults whereas children should be less than it.

Therefore, it can be concluded that getting more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C is not good for health.

It can cause some problems like headaches, diarrhea, or other symptoms. People with hemochromatosis will have the higher risk of vitamin C overdose.

Can You Have an Overdose of Vitamin C – The Side Effects of Vitamin C Overdose

Photo Image Can You Have an Overdose of Vitamin C How Much The LimitCan you have vitamin C overdose? If you want to take too much vitamin C, you have to know the following side effects below:

  1. Gastrointestinal Problems

The most common effect of too much vitamin C relates to digestive tract.

If you take more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C, it can cause gastrointestinal irritation as well as diarrhea.

Furthermore, it can lead to vomiting, dehydration, extreme thirst, low blood pressure, low output of urine and fatigue.

  1. Kidney Stones

Too much vitamin C can also cause kidney stones. It relates to about 80 percent of kidney stone cases. So, you have to take vitamin C rightly to prevent this.

  1. Hemochromatosis

It is a condition that is caused by excess iron in your body. It is commonly inherited & can affect pancreas, heart and liver.

Vitamin C will help you absorb iron. Even though this vitamin cannot cause hemochromatosis, it can make the condition worse.

So, people with hemochromatosis should limit vitamin C from any source.

How to Boost Immune System without Vitamin C Overdose

Sometimes, you want to boost immune system with vitamin C. However, can you have an overdose of vitamin C?

Since it can cause many problems, you can try the following alternatives. Firstly, you have to get enough sleep every day.

Besides that, you also need to do exercise regularly. Then, you also should eat nutritious foods.

Lastly, it is also very important to keep away from alcohol & caffeine.

By controlling the intake of daily vitamin C, you can improve immune system and do not experience the side effects of vitamin C overdose mentioned above.

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