Can Working Long Hours Cause Miscarriage, CanOrCannot.Com – Pregnancy is one of the best gifts for every married couple.

Especially the first pregnancy, women must keep it as well as possible. However, sometimes there are many women who do not too care about it.

Photo Image Can Working Long Hours Cause Miscarriage What The Side EffectThey still work too hard. Can working long hours cause miscarriage? It depends on how hard the job and how many hours you spend the time for working.

Because it is really important to know, you have to pay attention to the discussion below.

Why Pregnant Women Cannot Work Too Long?

Does working long hours cause miscarriage? Actually, working is allowed for pregnant women.

However, they should not work too hard. They have to choose easy jobs. Working too hard that requires lifting too heavy things, stand too long, walk continuously, or spend great energy is not allowed.

The first reason is that those jobs can cause stress that may cause problem to the unborn child.

Besides that, it can also cause pregnant women too tired that is also not good for their health.

The Effects of Working Long Hours for Pregnant Women

May working long hours cause miscarriage? As it is mentioned above, working too long can cause tiredness.

This can cause many problems for pregnancy. Here are the most common effects to find:

  1. Contraction

Pregnant women cannot be too tired. If they work for long hours, they will feel tired and it may lead to contraction.

Of course, contraction can damage the unborn baby. To avoid contraction, you have to take more rests. One of them is by not working too hard and too long.

  1. Premature Birth

The worst effect of contradiction is miscarriage. Sometimes, it also causes premature birth.

So, if you think that your jobs make you feel too tired, it will be better for you to ask for furlough. So, you can take a rest longer and your pregnancy will be safer.

  1. Bleeding

Pregnant women should be careful in doing activities. Sometimes, easy activities also cause problems.

For example, sitting too long or standing too long can cause bleeding. So, can working long hours cause miscarriage? It depends on your jobs and your own condition.

  1. Miscarriage

Contraction and bleeding are two dangerous conditions for pregnant women. Unfortunately, there are still many pregnant women who work too hard without caring for their body and health.

It has the high risk of miscarriage. Will working long hours cause miscarriage? For sure, it has the high risk of miscarriage.

So, I always recommend pregnant women not to work too long hours.

  1. Other Effects

There are some other possible effects of working too long for pregnant women. For example, it can cause swollen feet, varicose veins, limp condition, falling, and unconsciousness.

Tips on Working for Pregnant Women

Photo Image Can Working Long Hours Cause Miscarriage According Doctor SaysEven though working is not recommended for pregnant women, it does not mean that you are not allowed to work.

Pregnant women are still allowed to work as long as they work no more than 32 hours per week.

Pregnant women who work 32 hours or more per week have the same risk of miscarriage with smoker women.

Of course, it is really dangerous. So, you have to plan your job as well as possible.

Tips for Pregnant Women to Keep Their Pregnancy

There are many tips that should be followed by pregnant women. If you are also pregnant, you need to consider the following tips:

  1. Take enough rest and avoid staying up all night.
  2. Limit your hard activities including working or studying.
  3. Take a rest soon when feeling tired.
  4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  5. Avoid drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine.
  6. Eat healthy foods every day.
  7. If needed, you can follow prenatal dance like yoga or other exercises.

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Can Working Long Hours Cause Miscarriage – Conclusion

The more important thing is that you have always to check the condition of your pregnancy regularly to make sure that your pregnancy is in a good condition.

So, can working long hours cause miscarriage? For sure, it can cause the higher risk of miscarriage.

Therefore, pregnant women must avoid working too long. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for you who are pregnant.

source: pingminghealth, telegraph

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