Can Cycling Affect Sperm Count, CanOrCannot.Com – Cycling is one of the most fun activities. If you are a man and you love cycling so much, you have to be careful.

There is an issue which says that cycling can cause infertility. So, can cycling affect sperm count? Is this issue right?

That is what we will discuss in this article.

In fact, there are many people who love cycling and they do not have any problem with their fertility. Now, we will know the fact soon.

The Causes of Infertility

Can cycling lower sperm count? This issue has been spread since long years ago. Until now, this issue is still believed by many people.

Before we talk about it farther, it will be better to know about the factors that may cause infertility. The main factor that causes infertility in men is the low sperm count.

However, it can also be caused by the poor sperm quality, semen deficiencies and inadequate sperm motility.

It can relate to physical and environmental factors. This can be treated if you meet your doctor soon.

Cycling and Infertility

Does cycling affect sperm count? There is a study which shows that cycling is safe for both men and women.

However, men should be careful because it is not good if they go cycling for long distance and long duration.

The riding pressure can cause problem for the production of sperm. That is why it is believed that cycling can make the sperm count lower.

Some people also believe that cycling too often can make the sperm quality poor. So, if you want to go cycling, make sure that it does not take too long.

Can Cycling Affect Sperm Count – The Effect of Terrain in Cycling

A survey also shows that cycling is actually safe and does not affect fertility for men. However, men who often go cycling in rough terrain have the higher risk of infertility.

The pressure can damage the blood vessel and sensitive nerves that may lead to infertility or poor sperm or lower sperm cont.

So, can cycling affect sperm count? It can affect your sperm count if you go off road cycling.

So, it will be better to avoid off road terrain in cycling such as mountain biking.

Distance Effects of Cycling for Sperm Count

If you go cycling in short distances, the risk of poor sperm is lower. A study shows that men who ride cycles over 180 miles each week are linked to infertility risks.

The pressures to penis become the main factor that causes it. Even more, it can also cause ejaculation problems as long as urinary function disturbance.

So, will cycling affect sperm count? As long as you do not ride cycling too far, it will be safe for your fertility.

Can Cycling Affect Sperm Count – Tips on Riding Cycle

If your hobby is cycling, you cannot stop it. Cycling is really fun and it also has many health benefits.Photo Image Can Cycling Affect Sperm Count What The Reason

However, to prevent sperm or fertility problems, you have to pay attention to the following tips below:

1. Avoid Sauna or Warm Water

After cycling, men usually have sauna. It uses warm water to relax body. However, it is not recommended because it can cause problem for the sperm production.

It can kill the good sperms so that the sperm quality will be lower.

2. Ride Cycle No More than 180 Miles per Week

To avoid Infertility, you have to avoid long distance cycling. You are allowed to go cycling but no more than 180 miles per week.

3. Do Not Ride Cycle on Off-Road Terrain

If you want to ride cycle, make sure that the terrain is even. Mountain bike and other off-road cycling are not recommended because it can damage your fertility including for men.

4. Use Comfortable Cycle Seat

If you feel that the cycling seat is not comfortable, you have to replace it with the more comfortable one.

Make sure that the cycle seat is soft so that it does not give pressure to your anus and penis.

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Can Cycling Affect Sperm Count – Conclusion

Can cycling affect sperm count? Finally, we know the answer about that question. As long as it is done rightly, cycling is safe.

So, you need to consider the tips above. Hopefully this will be useful especially for those who love cycling.

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