Can Cycling Cause a Hernia, CanOrCannot.Com – Are you fond of cycling, but currently suffering from hernia?

If that is the case, it wouldn’t be strange for you to conclude that cycling can cause hernia. Well, we should have discussed it further to find the truth behind this matter.

Photo Image Can Cycling Cause a Hernia How To Prevent itDon’t immediately jump to the conclusion without giving it much thought. So, let’s use this opportunity to discuss and answer the question of can cycling cause a hernia here.

By discussing it, you might learn things that might be unknown to you before. It concerns your health too, so it is worth to know.

Can Cycling Cause a Hernia – Basic Knowledge About Hernia

Before we talk about the connection between cycling and hernia, it is better for us to learn more things about hernia itself first than anything.

By definition, hernia is health issue where protuberance appears in the intestines through the hole of your abdominal wall.

Inguinal hernia is one especially affecting your groin. Even in itself, inguinal hernia is categorized into 3 types.

First, there is one type called reducible inguinal hernia.

In this type, the bulge can either be present or not. However, it does become larger while standing or straining yourself. You might feel little to no pain from it.

Second, there is the type called incarcerated inguinal hernia.

You will notice the bulge when standing or lying down which can cause nausea, vomiting, and such.

Third, it is one called strangulated inguinal hernia where it causes worsening pain, sudden fever, fast heartbeat, etc. Does cycling cause hernia symptoms like that?

Can Cycling Cause a Hernia – The Truth of Cycling and Getting Hernia Problem

If you judge that hernia symptoms appear because of cycling, then it will be equal to say that you have cycled more than the world-class bikers.

Why not? At least, most of those bikers don’t get hernia from doing this sport. If not, people won’t be suggested to do cycling to begin with.

Hernia does happen when you put too much force in your muscle. However, the force you put when cycling is not enough to pull the muscles and tear them.

This will make you think twice about the answer to can cycling cause a hernia. Because of that very fact, we can’t say that cycling is the cause behind this health issue.

If you get hernia and consult to your doctor only to find that you are not allowed to cycle around 4-6 weeks after surgery, it does not necessarily mean that cycling will cause the hernia again as well.

Once muscles are torn, it will be easily to tear with even little pulling. That is why you can’t cycle until healing process is complete.

To tell you the truth, hernia is actually caused by birth defect. If you are not prone to it to begin with and have never suffered from it, you will be fine.

Still, hernia can develop in life if you put more intra-abdominal pressure from various things.

They include lifting heavy objects, excess abdominal weight, straining bowel movements, and pregnancy.

Now that you know that the idea of hernia caused by doing some cycling is wrong, you can do this sport for the first time without doubt.Photo Image Can Cycling Cause a Hernia According Doctor Says

Can Cycling Cause a Hernia – What to Do When You Truly Suffer from Hernia

Starting from the second type of inguinal hernias we were talking about earlier, your health becomes that of high concern.

Regardless of what type you are suffering from, we suggest you to seek for the help of doctors as soon as you notice the symptoms of hernia.

If it happens to be the second or even the third type, you will have put your life in danger.

Among the treatments to it, it includes doing surgery, so we can’t ignore how dangerous it is.

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Can Cycling Cause a Hernia – Conclusion

Follow what is suggested by your doctor until the healing is complete, even if you are restricted from cycling that does not cause the hernia to begin with.

We know the answer to can cycling cause a hernia already. Also, if you have ever suffered from hernia, keep in mind that you are now prone to it.

So, be sure to avoid doing any activities that put high forces in your affected muscles. That way, you will be safe from more hernia in the future.

source: livestrong, cyclingnews

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