Can Smartphones Cause Eye Problems, CanOrCannot.Com – Today, it becomes harder for us to spend even a day without looking at screens.

Our life becomes so much dependent on devices with screen after all. One simple example would be about using Smartphone.

We can do all sorts of things with it, making us spend more time looking at its screen over and over again.

Speaking about it, can Smartphones cause eye problems? There have been many talks of it, so let’s discuss about it here. These are important for the health of your own eyes.

Can Smartphones Cause Eye Problems – What’s Known As Computer Vision Syndrome

The screen on the Smartphone can indeed cause health problem for us.

Surely, you have ever experienced your eyesight becomes blurred after frequent and long term use of this advanced phone. This is what we call Computer Vision Syndrome.

Something like this can happen because our eye’s frequency of blinking is decreased by half when looking at Smartphone, while we normally blink 15 times every minute. How it can be so?

You know, screen on Smartphone is practically small in size. As we blink when looking at it, we will unconsciously make the muscles of the face, neck, and shoulder tighten.

Thus, our eyes become tired and eventually make your vision blurred.

Smartphone causing health issue on eye is possible because this device emit blue light called High Energy Visible (HVE) in which the exposure to it can damage the tissue in retina.

It does not cause permanent problem, but it’s better treated right away.

Can Smartphones Cause Eye Problems – Other Issues that Come With This Syndrome

If you pay attention to your health more, you will notice that blurred eyesight is not the only problem that can be caused by the screen on the Smartphone.

The simplest issue of all is none other than dizziness.

With new features being updated more and more as the new versions of Smartphone are released, it becomes possible too for Smartphone to cause headache problem.

There is its feature that can affect balance and stability.

This very feature is zooming in and out icons. Can Smartphones cause eye problems will not be the question that concern about your eyes only.

There are even issues like this that come along with it. What’s more? This device can affect your sleeping pattern as well.

This issue is one caused by the blue light emitted by phone too. To be exact, it decreases melatonin levels, thus making us harder to fall asleep.

That is why we often heard we can’t have digital device close to us while we are asleep.

Can Smartphones Cause Eye Problems – What to Do to Deal with This Health Problem

With every negative thing that comes with Smartphone, it is not like we are suggesting you to stop using devices with screen, like Smartphone.

There are people who are working with such device today after all. Furthermore, Computer Vision Syndrome happens temporarily. Photo Image Can Smartphones Cause Eye Problems What The Side Effects

So, there must be things we can do to treat Smartphone causing blurred vision issue.

First than anything, we suggest you to implement system called 20-20-20 rule.

This system recommends you to take a break every 20 minutes or so.

Then, stare at something 20 fleets away from you for about 20 seconds long.

That way, you will give the chance for your eyes to rest and eventually prevent the fatigue and strain that can cause the blurred vision and headache.

Other than this system, you can also try distancing your eyes from your phone as comfortable as possible.

At least, you will be able to decrease the very risk of straining your eyes more this way.

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Can Smartphones Cause Eye Problems – Conclusion

Now that you have done all possible treatments on your own, we still suggest you to get your eyes examined.

Consult to eye care professionals and they should be able to tell you the best type of glasses to wear.

You can also ask for the best glasses that can block blue light from digital devices, like Smartphone or even one that has anti-reflective (AR) coating on the lenses to eliminate the reflections.

These are the tips we can give to suggest you with after you find out the answer to can Smartphones cause eye problems. So, consider it.

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