Can Wearing Girdle Help Lose Weight, CanOrCannot.Com – There are all sorts of ways known today that can be the means to lose weight.

However, not all of them are safe enough for us to even try to do to begin with. Among them, there are many thoughts about using girdle to lose weight.

Photo Image Can Wearing Girdle Help Lose Weight According Medical ResearchSure, many women use this to hold in and smooth out body fat after pregnancy. So, can wearing girdle help lose weight in that case?

We can’t jump to the conclusion so fast.

Proper discussion is needed so we know the truth and don’t stray from what is right for the health of our body. Let’s see here.

Can Wearing Girdle Help Lose Weight – Girdle and What It Might Help in Weight Loss

The idea of losing weight with girdle wouldn’t rise without any reason. Well, this trend method has been used by various cultures over the centuries.

Basically, girdle has been commonly used to deal with pregnancy weight gain.

This garment works by pushing on your waist, so it is believed to prevent you from eating large meals or bloating foods.

Not to mention, it is also believed to work by bringing in the waist muscles and giving them support. This must be the reason behind the very idea.

By eating fewer calories, you will make your body burn those excess fats into energy, thus reducing excess weight over the time.

Simply put, it compresses the body and makes your body suck in your body fat.

However, wearing girdle to lose excess weight is only temporary means to improve the appearance of your waist.

You might look slim with this garment on, but the fat will return to the waist as soon as you remove it.

You can’t possibly wear it all the time for as long as you live as well.

Can Wearing Girdle Help Lose Weight – The Negative Effects of Wearing Girdle for Diet

Wearing girdle can be painful. That is why women are not suggested to wear it all the time in the first place.

You’ve got to remove it at some point. That is why the idea above does not seem to be effective and healthy to do.

In fact, there are some health problems that you might have experienced if you ever wear girdle for the purpose of losing weight.

If we have to give you example, we would say that wearing this garment can make you lack good blood flow to your organs inside.

This will make you question can wearing girdle help lose weight. Furthermore, wearing it will also push your organs to abnormal position.

All of this happens because you force your tummy to be compressed tight and long with the girdle you wear.

What’s more? It can compress the nerves, bladder infections, and reflux.

Wearing girdle won’t even reduce the risk of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and some cancers that are caused by the excess body fat in your tummy.

Can Wearing Girdle Help Lose Weight – What to Do to Lose Weight Safely and Healthily

Even though there are some findings telling us that women wearing girdle to lose weight proves to get you some results.

It can’t be chosen to be the main means for you to lose the excess weight in that belly of yours.

As it was said before, wearing this garment for almost all the time can cause some health issues and you are still even at risk for more dangerous ones.

You can use it to help increase your weight loss result, but it must be worn no longer than 3 hours at a time for each day.

The healthiest and most effective way of dieting would be by planning healthy meals and exercises.

You don’t need to starve yourself to lose that excess weight of yours.

So, cut your calories by switching to low calorie meals and cutting your portion sizes as well.

For the exercise, you will have to strive for performing cardiovascular and strength trainings.

That way, you will be able to lose weight and fat throughout your body, not just in your waistline caused by your previous pregnancy.

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Can Wearing Girdle Help Lose Weight – Conclusion

Now that we have come to the end of this discussion, the answer to question of can wearing girdle help lose weight should be obvious already.

You should not use this means to mainly lose weight.

You can only use it to help improve the result of your weight loss plan that involves having healthy diet and doing exercises.

Don’t rely on wearing girdle only to lose weight for this proves to be ineffective and unhealthy way to achieve your weight loss goals.

src: livestrong

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