Can Wearing Girdle Cause Miscarriage, CanOrCannot.Com – Are you the kind of women who care much about how you look even when you are pregnant?

Well, as you might have known, your belly will become bigger as your baby grows inside.

Photo Image Can Wearing Girdle Cause Miscarriage According Doctor SaysWomen who are terrified with their body shape during and after pregnancy would ask whether or not they can wear girdle during pregnancy.

However, there are many negative talks about it. Can wearing girdle cause miscarriage then? To find the fact about this matter, let’s discuss it further in this opportunity below.

You might learn something new about it that was completely unknown to you before. Here we go.

Can Wearing Girdle Cause Miscarriage – What Is Commonly Known About Corset/Girdle

Before we talk about the cause of girdle to our health during pregnancy, it would be best if we talk about what people commonly known about this garment first here.

As you might have known, corset or girdle is women’s garment worn to specifically hold and shape your torso into a desired shape.

Available as one built into the clothing and as separate piece, this garment has been long known to slim women’s body, emphasizing your curvy figure and exaggerating both your bust and waist too.

Girdle is practically the same as corset for both give restrictions around women’s tummy area for the purpose of making it look flatter.

The use of this garment became common custom among Western women of the 19th century for the same purpose since they were just adolescents.

It proves to be effective to change and maintain their body shape even now. If that is the case then, would it be okay to wear corset or girdle during pregnancy?

We have to discuss it further here to find this out.

Can Wearing Girdle Cause Miscarriage – The Effects of Using Girdle During the Pregnancy

There has been not much talk yet about the relation between wearing girdle and miscarriage.

Furthermore, 19th century women didn’t seem to have any problem for getting pregnant while they have this custom of wearing girdle too.

So, it does not necessarily mean that this garment can kill the baby just because it is tightly worn around the tummy.

If there are many negative talks about the idea of wearing it during pregnancy, it is about it making the mothers feel way more uncomfortable.

Can wearing girdle cause miscarriage? No, it is just that wearing it can indeed develop various kinds of discomfort.

Girdle is pretty much like tight clothing. Its pressure pushes on your tummy, making the contents upwards and causing heartburn.

Also, this garment is not breathable type, so it can cause yeast infection. You will eventually feel the pain in a number of areas of your body as well.

Wearing it in your pregnancy cuts off blood circulation too, creating numbness sensation and such.

Can’t Women Wear Any Supportive Underwear?

During pregnancy, surely women would want to spend their days calmly and safely without any discomforts.

So, can’t we wear any supportive garment at all then? Indeed, wearing girdle doesn’t cause miscarriage, but it is better for women to avoid wearing it during pregnancy.

However, it is not like you can’t wear any supportive underwear at all too.

If you still want to smooth out any lumps or flabby skin, you can definitely consider switching to specially designed maternity shapewear instead.

This specially designed underwear for pregnant women can appear in a huge range to accommodate your growing tummy.

Such garment does not restrict your belly growth as the baby grows inside.

Moreover, they are made to help blood circulation instead and will surely be comfortable as you spend your days till the birth of your baby.

There is nothing to worry and your baby will grow and be born healthy as well. During pregnancy, it is always best to avoid any unnecessary anxieties after all.

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Can Wearing Girdle Cause Miscarriage – The Bottom Line

From the discussion above, we can conclude the answer to question of can wearing girdle cause miscarriage.

We can say here that wearing girdle does not seem to cause it in pregnancy.

However, it is important to know that it would be better to avoid using it while you are pregnant for it can cause various discomforts for the mother.

Look for specially designed maternity shapewear instead to alternate girdle with during your pregnancy.

That way, you can still be able to smooth out your skin without hurting yourself. That way too, you can enjoy total comfort during this crucial time of yours.

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