Can Walking Burn Fat, CanorCannot.Com – Walking is one of the simplest and easiest exercises.

Even more, it also belongs to cardio exercises. So, can walking burn fat? Of course, it can. However, the effectiveness depends on how long you go walking and how you do that.

Photo Image Can Walking Burn Fat According Doctor SaysWalking is also fun and does not make you tired like running. However, it is really effective to burn fat and to lose weight.

If you are interested in this exercise, you need to pay attention to the following discussion below.

Can Walking Burn Fat – How Long Do I Need to Lose Weight by Walking?

Does walking burn fat? We can surely answer that walking is one of the most effective weight loss exercises.

Averagely, walking can lose weight about ¼ to ½ kilograms per week.

It means, if you want to lose 10 kilograms, you need to do this exercise at least 20 weeks. This is safe and effective.

Even more, it is useful to maintain weight for long term. To reach this goal, you need to try burning 250 to 500 calories per day by walking.

Can Walking Burn Fat – How Often Should I Walk?

If you are a beginner and want to start burning fat through walking, it will be a good idea to go walking 3 times a week with 15 to 20 minutes each exercise.

Gradually, you should add the frequent and duration of walking about 30 to 60 minutes per day almost every day.

Sometimes, you may feel bored when walking becomes your daily activity. Therefore, you have to keep it fun.

One of the ways is by walking while listening to music, walking with friends, etc.

Anyway, can walking lose weight? It really works but the effectiveness depends on many factors.

Can Walking Burn Fat – How Many Calories Can I Burn by Walking?

If you go walking, you can burn many calories. It depends on your own weight and the speed of walking.

If you go walking with 6 km per hour speed, you can burn: 4.7 calories if you weight 60 kg, 5.5 calories if you weight 70 kg, 6.3 calories if you weight 80 kg, etc.

Now, it is clear about the question of can walking burn fat.

The duration also affects the fat burning. So, you have to go walking longer if you want to lose more weights.

Tips on Walking to Burn Fat

Can walking lose body weight? It can lose your body weight if you follow these some tips and tricks below:

  1. 15,000 Steps Every Day

Every day, I recommend you to go walking at least 15,000 steps. It sounds difficult at first. However, it will be easy after it becomes your daily activity.

  1. Walking 3 Times a Day form 20 Minutes

To reach your weight loss goal, you need to go walking 3 times a day where each should be at least 20 minutes.Photo Image Can Walking Burn Fat How To Do That

  1. Walk Upward

To optimize the fat burning, it will be better if you go walking upward.

For example, you can walk on stairs, hill, etc.

  1. Drinking Green Tea before Walking

Before walking, it will be great to drink green tea.

It can optimize the fat burning. Besides that, you also need to keep hydrated during walking.

  1. Vary the Speed

You have to vary the walking speed to optimize the fat burning.

Sometimes, you can also take a rest but do take a rest too long.

  1. Walk Fast

Walking can be done with various speeds. However, the most effective way is to walk fast. You can also combine it with slow walking.

Walking Exercise Program

I will give an example of good program of walking for fat burning. It only takes 10 minutes per day. Besides time saving, it can burn calories about 70 percent.

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Can Walking Burn Fat – Conclusion

Firstly, you need to warm up for 3 minutes. Then, do brisk walk for a minute. Then, jog for a half minute and continue to walk fast for a minute.

Next, jump in place for a half minute and repeat fast walk for a minute again. The next half minute is side jumps.

Now, walk fast and jog until the ninth minute.

Finally, cool down for the last minute. Therefore, can walking burn fat? It will be effective if you follow the program above.

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