Can Sleepytime Tea Keep You Awake, CanorCannot.Com – There are many people who have sleeping problem such as insomnia.

Of course, this sleeping problem is really annoying. Sleeping too late will make you wake up late, too.

Photo Image Can Sleepytime Tea Keep You Awake According Doctor SaysIn conclusion, it will lead to irregular sleeping. One of the ways done by people to fall asleep is by drinking tea.

But in some cases, it does not work. So, can sleepytime tea keep you awake? That is what we will discuss in this article below.

Can Sleepytime Tea Keep You Awake – Sleepytime Tea for Falling Asleep Early

Does sleepytime tea help you fall asleep? Both “yes” and “no” can be right. The answer depends on yourself or the individual.

In fact, tea does not always make everyone drowsy after drinking it. How long does tea take to work you help you fall asleep?

Once again, it also depends on you. However, normally it will take in 15 up to 30 minutes after drinking the tea.

Some cases take longer time even the tea may not work at all. So, the side effect of sleepytime tea is relative.

Can Sleepytime Tea Keep You Awake – The Ingredients of Sleepytime Tea

Can sleepytime tea help you fall asleep? Before we talk farther about it, it will be better to know the ingredients of sleepytime tea first.

  • Chamomile is the main active ingredient found in sleepytime tea. It is very useful to calm down the nervous system as antiquity.
  • Sleeptime tea also contains tilia flowers that offer transquilizing effect on your nervous system.
  • The combination of both ingredients can be useful for drowsiness and calm.

Can Sleepytime Tea Keep You Awake – Side Effects of Sleepytime Tea

Talking about the question of can sleepytime tea keep you awake relates to the sleepytime tea side effects.

Different people may experience different side effects after drinking it. So, you need to know the possible and most common side effects below:

  1. Tilia Flower Reaction

According to a study, tilia flowers may cause cardiac damages if they are used for long term and frequently.

However, it is rare to happen. Anyway, you have to be careful and it will be better not to drink sleepytime tea for long term and frequently to avoid this bad side effect.

  1. Blackberry Leaf Reaction

As we know, blackberry leaves are rich of tannins that can cause vomiting or upset stomach.

Therefore, if you have a sensitive stomach, it will be better not to take sleepytime tea to avoid this side effect.

If you want to drink it, I recommend you not to drink it in an empty stomach. You can drink it with light snacks.

  1. Drop in Blood Sugar Level and Blood Pressure

Sleepytime contains mint that can lower your blood sugar level as well as blood pressure.

So, if you have diabetes or blood pressure issues, you have to talk to your doctor before drinking this sleepytime tea.

If it is safe to consume, you can drink it to help you fall asleep when you have insomnia.

Sleepytime Tea during Pregnancy

Photo Image Can Sleepytime Tea Keep You Awake It is Safe Without Side EffectsCan sleepytime tea make you fall asleep? In some cases, it works. However, it is also often not to work.

Anyway, you have to be careful if you are pregnant.

You cannot ingest carelessly especially related to herbs.

I recommend you to discuss to your doctor first to know the safe herbs to consume during the pregnancy.

If your doctor says OK, you are allowed to drink sleepytime tea during the pregnancy to help you have more rests.

Alternative Natural Ways to Help You Fall Asleep Sooner

People usually drink sleepytime tea to help fall asleep faster naturally.

However, if you worry about the side effects, you can try other alternatives below:

  • Get relaxed on the bed 15 to 30 minutes before you want to sleep.
  • Taking a warm bath can also be a good idea.
  • It will also be a good way to drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed.
  • Doing some exercises will also help you fall asleep.
  • Mediate in the evening can also helpful.
  • Another idea is to try breathing techniques.

Now, you should not be confused about the question of can sleepytime tea keep you awake. It can help you fall asleep if you get relaxed.

source: livestrong, doctorshealthpress

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