Can Traveling Affect Your Period, CanorCannot.Com – Travelling is one of the most exciting activities.

You usually go traveling when feeling stressed, having long holiday, or just want to spend the weekend.

Photo Image Can Traveling Affect Your Period According Doctor SaysTraveling has many benefits. However, there is a big question: Can traveling affect your period?

It has been a long discussion since many years and now we will make it clear. If you are curious about it, you can pay attention to the following discussion below.

Can Traveling Affect Your Period – Why Does Traveling Affect Period?

When you go traveling overseas or going to another far city where there’s a significant time change, your regular biological clock will be thrown off.

It is also well known as jet lag can may cause some problems such as stomach problem, fatigue, exhaustion, irritability or even lack of appetite.

It will influence the release of hormone & bodily functions so that it affects progesterone and estrogen hormones where they have an important role in ovulation & menstrual cycle.

That is why traveling can delay your period.

Can Traveling Affect Your Period – How Flying Affects Periods

Flying or air travel across different time zones may change biological clock and circadian rhythm that leads to jet lag.

A study shows that people will have sleep disturbance in 70 percent after crossing a time zone.

This is what affects your period. That study also states that it can cause irregular menstrual cycle.

So, can traveling delay your period? Not all kinds of traveling can affect it but air travel especially that requires you across time zone has the higher risk of delaying period.

Can Traveling Affect Your Period – The Connection of Stress, Traveling & Periods

Menstrual cycle is related so much to stress. Even though fun, traveling can also cause stress.

In fact, you need to prepare many things, spend much money, and of course make your tired.

This stressing condition can affect your period cycle. So, when you plan to go traveling, you have to make sure that it releases stress, not increases stress.

You should not think too much about the preparation, choose the simple vacation, and not to think job during the vacation.

So, can traveling affect your period? It depends on how you go traveling.

Can Traveling Affect Your Period – Diet & Exercises Changes when Traveling

When you go traveling, your diet will usually change. It depends on where you spend the vacation.

For example, you will eat more bread during the traveling than you usually eat. Your activity will also change during the traveling.

This lifestyle change may affect period cycle, hormone, and feeling. Besides that, you also cannot do exercise like usually you do.

This is the explanation how traveling affect your period cycle. So, if you do not want traveling change period cycle, you should keep your diet and exercise during your traveling.

Schedule Changes in Traveling

During traveling, of course there will be changes on your schedule. For example, if usually you wake up earlier, it is impossible to wake up early because of the cold location.

If you usually have breakfast at 6 at home, you may have breakfast at 8 when traveling. The schedule of sleeping may also change during traveling.

This schedule change can impact your period time because it can be a stressor which puts a strain on the body.

So, what makes your period cycle change is the irregular schedule.Photo Image Can Traveling Affect Your Period What The Reason

Tips in Traveling to Keep Your Period Normal

Irregular period is really annoying. However, it does not mean that you cannot go traveling to avoid delayed period.

You just need to follow these tips.

Firstly, I recommend you to avoid air travel because flying usually brings you far away that across time zones.

Besides that, you can also prevent delayed period by not to travel too long.

Then, I also suggest you to go travel to not too far away location from where you live.

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Can Traveling Affect Your Period – Conclusion

What is more important is not to change your lifestyle. You have to keep your schedule on sleeping, eating, and activities.

In addition, you have to keep away from stress because this is the main factor that changes your hormone which leads to delayed period.

In conclusion, can traveling affect your period depends on some factors.

If you can keep your normal schedule and have fun during traveling, it will minimize the risk of delayed period.

source: teenvogue, mypregnancybaby, health

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