Can Tight Pants Cause Boils, CanorCannot.Com – Before answering “can tight pants cause boils?”, we have to understand boil.

What is boil? It is a painful infection of a hair follicle and the surrounding skin. It is commonly found as it starts as a red lump filled with pus as the result of white blood cells against the infection.

Photo Image Can Tight Pants Cause Boils According Doctor SaysBasically, regular and good caring can clear a skin abscess or a single boil.

However, boil needs doctor treatment if it does not disappear or it grows in certain body area which is vulnerable.

Can Tight Pants Cause Boils – What is Boil?

Commonly, boil is small. It is about pea-size but it can be larger like a golf ball.

It comes with some symptoms like: pain, redness, swellin, a tip or yellow or white center, and crusting, oozing and weeping.

Those symptoms are also followed by fever or fatigue. At this rate, you should see the doctor soon.

Can Tight Pants Cause Boils – Boil Causes

Boil can be everywhere on our body. Buttocks, back, shoulders, armpits, neck, and face are the most common body part where boil can grow.

Usually, boil loves sweaty and hairy areas like inner thighs. You can also find it around nose or ear.

When more pus are collected under the skin, the pain can get worsen. It will be better as the fluids are drained.

This pain is mostly caused by Staphylococcus aureus which is also known as staph bacteria.

Basically, healthy people carry these bacteria on their noses or skin without any problem.

Besides bacteria, there are other reasons that can cause boils, especially in inner thighs. It may answer our main question, “can tight pants cause boils?”.

  1. First cause is wearing tight clothes. It can damage to hair follicles on our inner thigh. Once the follicles get damaged, the bacteria can enter the follicle and cause boils.
  2. Excessive dirt and perspiration in the area.
  3. Scratching with infected finger tips and nails.
  4. Repeated thighs friction, especially in obese people.
  5. Allergy or irritation from fabrics or rough garments.
  6. Allergy to chemicals in soap.
  7. For women, shaving hairs can give a chance for boil to infect the skin.

There are also some predisposing factors for boils development on inner thighs. Those are low immune system, diabetes, overwork, stress and poor hygiene.

Boils can also be caused by two skin diseases like pediculosis and scabies.

Carbuncles, the lymph node infection in groin area, and cellulitis in debilitated people are complication of boils.

Can Tight Pants Cause Boils – How Boil Spreads

The problem starts when the bacteria enter a hair follicle through a cut, splinter, or scrape. At this point, the infection will be start and boil will grow.

Infected and clogged pores can also generate boil that is associated with acne. Some boils can be ordinary while some others can be MRSA.

Both of them are quite similar: swollen, tender, pus-filled, and red. However, the cause is different.

MSRA infection is caused by a particular staph bacterium that resist to various antibiotics.

MSRA infection can be suspected if this condition is not improving after 2 to 3 days antibiotics treatment. It can be cured and prevented by doing regular and proper treatment.

Boils are not exactly contagious but staph bacteria that cause boils spread easily. It spreads through contaminated objects and skin to skin contact.

They are not dangerous until they break in the skin.

Make sure that you don’t share your sports gear, clothes, bedding, or towels with others when you have got a boil. Keep the boil covered and don’t touch it.

The bacteria spread can be prevented by washing hand frequently.

How to Treat Boil: Healthy life style, Home Remedy to Medication

Photo Image Can Tight Pants Cause Boils What The ReasonHaving boils is surely annoying. Nevertheless, you can do some simple treatments to cure boils and prevent its spread.

Basically, healthy life style can prevent any health risk that includes simple and annoying boils.

Sleeping 7-8 hours a day, controlling diabetes, staying away from strain and stress, and eating healthy foods are much helpful.

Boils in inner thigh can get smaller and soften after days without any special treatment as the pus drains out.

Take a consultation with physician if the boil gets larger, discomfort, and painful.

The physician may give certain anti-inflammatory medicines and antibiotics to help boil drainage.

Apply hot water compress to ripen and hasten the boil. The boil will erupt and mature after a day or two.

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Can Tight Pants Cause Boils – Conclusion

You can also do home remedy to treat boils. Take turmeric, a natural anti-bacterial that works effectively to cure boils.

Make a paste of water and turmeric water. Apply the past on the boil surface twice a day. The boils will be healed soon.

So, the answer of “can tight pants cause boils?” is yes.

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