Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period, CanorCannot.Com – If you are women, you must have put quite an attention to your menstrual cycle, right?

Well, there would be no problem at all about having menstruation regularly.

Photo Imaga Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period According Doctor SaysHowever, we are sure that you must have ever experienced when your cycle changes suddenly without any clear reason.

Actually, there are many factors that can affect it. Can hot weather affect your period then? Well, it might and might not be.

We have to understand more about it before judging it ourselves. So, let’s make use of this chance to find the truth behind it here below.

Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period – Weather and the Change of Body Metabolic Rate

Have you ever felt any difference in your body in any way possible when the weather and temperature change around you?

Let’s suppose you relocate from colder to warmer place then. How does your body feel?

When you start to notice the difference, it means that your body’s metabolic rate has started to change.

Why not? It is because humans’ body can’t adjust the drastic change of temperature automatically. Thus, it triggers metabolic rate change and lead to hormonal imbalance.

When your body is in such condition, women who are used to live in cold climate will burn fat faster in hot weather.

It goes the same if you are used to hot climate and relocate to cold place.

When your metabolic rate changes like this, women’s menstrual cycle will change as well, making it go irregular and can’t be predicted at all.

This proves enough that the change of weather affects women’s period, not just simply the hot weather that affects it. There is the logical truth to make it happen.

Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period – Weather and Major Physical or Emotional Strain

The weather does not only change your body’s metabolic rate before it can affect your menstrual cycle.

While sudden change of climate gives shock to your body, unbearably hot climate can top your misery.

If you have to be exposed all day under the scorching sun, you can’t deny that you must have experienced major physical and emotional strain.

Sweltering weather affecting menstruation is not something impossible at all if you consider this fact here. People can’t bear extreme temperature.

Question of can hot weather affect your period becomes possible because the heat does feel hot on the skin.

Furthermore, people tend to get emotional when the weather is extremely hot. This physical and emotional strain then mess the balance of stress hormone cortisol.

This stress hormone regulates your period. So, when it is messed up, it will be very likely for the weather to affect your period.

In this case, it is not sudden weather change, but more like the severity of the climate itself.

Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period – The Exception of Weather to Not Give Any Effect

That being said, it does not mean that hot temperature can affect your period in all circumstances without an exception.

Living in sweltering climate sure can be unbearable, especially if you just relocate to it from somewhere with cold climate. Photo Image Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period What The Reason

However, it is not like you can’t do anything with it, you see. Let’s pay attention here.

The hot weather will only give effects to your period when you are exposed to the heat 24/7.

Well, even if you stay in the house, it won’t do to counter this very issue.

However, it won’t be the case if you have air-conditioning installed in your house.

At the very least, the air conditioner can help make the temperature become bearable for your body.

Then, you will have to experience neither the change in your metabolic rate nor the strain in both of your own physique and emotion.

As a result, there shouldn’t be any change in your menstrual cycle and you can rest assured if this matter makes you worry. External factors can affect your period after all.

Can Hot Weather Affect Your Period – Conclusion

What if the exception does not seem to explain the issue then? What if you still get irregular period even if you have air conditioner installed in your house?

If that is the case then, there is possibility for other factors to be responsible for it. There is more than one possible factor that can change women’s menstrual cycle after all.

It can be your diet, stress, or even sex activities as well. For better understanding of it, you better consult your doctor and find out what seems to be the cause in your case.

Can hot weather affect your period? Yes, it can, but it sure depends on your circumstances.

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