Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters, CanorCannot.Com – Pregnancy is pretty delicate time for every mother to be.

Some foods that are completely safe under normal circumstances can simply become harmful when you are pregnant.

Photo Image Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters Accordings Doctor AdviceThat is why during this important time in women’s life, you can’t be too ignorant about what comes in your mouth.

You might find that not all of your favorite foods are safe to eat during pregnancy. Can pregnant women eat oysters?

While this might be a gourmet delicacy, there have been some opposite talks about eating it in pregnancy. Let’s discuss it further here.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters – Nutrition in Oysters and What to Benefit of Them

Oyster is pretty famous gourmet delicacy. It won’t be served to begin with if it is not healthy.

The meat from this bivalve marine mollusk is high in essential omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and B vitamins.

Not to mention, it is a very good source of zinc, selenium, and lean protein.

Along with it being rich in protein, oyster is low in calories and low in fat as well, making it the best diet to eat for mothers who want to keep their weight in check during pregnancy. There are still more to benefit from it.

Being excellent natural source of zinc, eating this marine animal contributes many minerals that are important and needed during pregnancy.

Furthermore, oyster is healthy source of minerals that include omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E believed to reduce inflammation and even lower the risk of getting heart disease.

Packed with many benefits like that, it wouldn’t be so wrong for expecting women to eat oyster meal. It does not even seem or look harmful in any way.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters – What Makes Oysters Considered to Be Bad Diet

You might have heard everywhere that marine animals are restricted to pregnant women.

However, you’ve got to know the detail before saying that you can’t eat seafood at all during pregnancy.

The fact is that only raw or undercooked seafood is one that shouldn’t be eaten in such crucial time.

Raw or undercooked oyster for pregnant women can lead to all sorts of health issues.

First than anything, it is because raw ingredients contain many bacteria. They are harmful not matter how you look at it.

In order to answer the question of can pregnant women eat oysters, you need to pay deep understanding to this mater.

Bacteria in raw oyster can cross placental barrier and endanger your baby. Since immune system is suppressed in pregnant women as well, raw oyster can easily cause food poisoning.

Even if you undercook it, the dish will still cause gastrointestinal problems and even severe infections to your baby. Neurological damage and miscarriage are possible to happen as well.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters – What to Do to Enjoy Oyster During Your Pregnancy

Photo Image Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters Is It SafeIt is not like you can’t eat oyster at all while you are pregnant.

Well, one big no of it would be none other than raw oysters.

So, be sure to avoid at all costs. If you plan on having cooked oysters during pregnancy though, you will have to avoid the first and third trimesters just to be safe.

Pregnant women are prone to getting miscarriage in early period during pregnancy.

Even the last trimester is important for the birth of the child as well. So, consider these advices for yours and baby’s safety.

You might not be able to enjoy this gourmet delicacy during the first and third trimester, but it would be fine during the second trimester.

Make sure that the oyster is properly cooked in its fresh form. It is better to do it yourself than ordering it in the restaurants to make sure of it.

Then, you won’t have anything to worry about. That being said, FDA does suggest pregnant women to limit seafood diet.

So, it would be wise for you to only eat the recommended serving for oyster dishes.

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Oysters – Conclusion

There you go. Those are what you need to know about eating the meat of this marine animal during your pregnancy.

Basically, we can conclude that pregnant women are only banned from eating raw dishes, including oysters.

As long as it is fully cooked while it is still fresh, you will reap its benefits during your second trimester.

Just be sure to eat it in moderate way though. Can pregnant women eat oysters?

Yes, they can, but only if they follow what is suggested to have this dish in their pregnancy diet. Then, they will surely do just fine.

source: livestrong, momjunction

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