Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster, CanorCannot.Com – It is important to learn all about pregnancy stuff for the sake of yourself and the baby inside your womb.

When you are pregnant, you can’t even be careless with what you eat. What comes in from your mouth will have effects on the child as well.

Photo Image Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster According Doctor AdviceSpeaking about diet during pregnancy, can pregnant women eat lobster? There are many talks about banning certain seafood dishes here and there.

So, let’s find out whether or not lobster dishes will be alright for all pregnant women to eat. Well, let’s just get down to it and see it ourselves.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster – The Nutrition Contents of Lobster to Begin With

Before we judge whether or not pregnant women can actually eat lobster, it is better for us to know just what nutrition contents that lobster has to start things with.

Basically, in 100g of lobster, there is as much as 19g protein.

Even from only its tail, you will get essential contents, like vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, and B12. It is quite a content of nutrition coming from small part of the lobster.

You can expect more from the rest of the body. There is no way that the main part doesn’t contain anything at all.

Well, lobster is also a good source of essential minerals for our body.

So, it is only natural that you will benefit much from all sorts of minerals contained in it, like potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and healthy amino acids.

With low trans-fat and carbohydrates, lobster is generally healthy food to eat for everyone. However, are lobster dishes for pregnant women okay to eat? Won’t it cause problem?

Let’s consider more of it here based on what we would benefit from its nutrition contents.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster – What to Benefit from Lobster During Pregnancy

Sure, many fishes contain high mercury that can hinder the nervous system progress of the baby.

However, it won’t be the case with lobster for it is low in mercury. Moreover, we need protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids contained within lobster to support the brain development of your baby.

We need the zinc for the baby’s growth as well. Of course, eating lobster dishes in pregnancy will also benefit the mothers. Vitamin B6 in the lobster can help them control their morning sickness.

Such benefits can ensure that it is okay to say yes for question of can pregnant women eat lobster. What’s more?

Lobster has that vitamin B3 to prevent gestational diabetes.

Even the iron in it can promote hemoglobin production that can then help to ensure overall development of the baby, including its immunity level and bone development as well.

Now you know that there are many things to benefit from eating lobster while carrying baby. What’s the problem of eating it then?

Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster – Things to Consider Eating Lobster in Pregnancy

Photo Image Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster What The ReasonThe exact problem of eating lobster while women are pregnant actually lies in the way it is served as a dish.

There are many seafood dishes served raw after all.

At the best, they would only be frozen or undercooked.

While freezing it can kill harmful parasites and bacteria in raw fish, it won’t destroy them and even the pathogens completely unless cooked properly.

Eating raw or undercooked lobster can make you suffer from foodborne illnesses, like listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, etc.

The immune system in women changes during pregnancy, making them prone to foodborne illnesses.

Not to mention, the baby’s own immune system is still developing and is not enough to fight against them.

That is why raw or undercooked seafood can cause birth defects or miscarriage. The safest and wisest choice of all would be to cook the lobster properly.

This will ensure that the cooking process has killed all of potential harmful things in lobster, thus making it truly safe to eat.

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster – Conclusion

That being said, it is not like you can eat it however much you want. Lobster might be safe for pregnant women, but it is not safer or even at the same safety level as salmon, squid, sardines, and such.

Lobster is one of seafood that must be limited during pregnancy. Can pregnant women eat lobster then? Yes, just make sure to limit it to 3 to 6 servings per month or less.

Also, it is better to go for variety in your diet. This will reduce overall mercury consumption, even though lobster is pretty much low in mercury.

So, consider this advice for the safety of yourself and your own baby.

source: healthline, fawesome

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