Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi, CanorCannot.Com – Now that you are pregnant, you have one more thing to worry about than yourself.

The life of your baby depends on what you do to your body.

Photo Image Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi According Doctor AdviceIt can be as simple as eating. If you eat wrong, it can easily affect the health of your baby, thus increasing the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.

Speaking about diet during pregnancy, can pregnant women eat it then? Here are pros and cons of it.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi – Pros that Say Eating Sushi Is Safe During Pregnancy

You know very well that sushi is made of raw fish and it is part of healthy diet in Japan.

Japanese people believe that eating sushi in pregnancy is safe and healthy for both the mothers and the babies inside them.

To begin with, there are rarely people who get sick after eating sushi.

Not to mention, there is no scientific evidence proving that eating sushi can increase complications during pregnancy. So, we can’t say that sushi is harmful.

Well, it is not like you can just eat any sushi with any fish though. Even in Japan, pregnant women are only suggested to eat sushi made from fish with safe mercury levels.

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to eat raw seafood during pregnancy because there are parasites contained in it.

However, freezing and cooking it can kill most of them and many Japanese restaurants have it frozen properly to serve as sushi.

That is why it is considered that eating sushi is safe for mothers to be.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi – Cons that Say Eating Sushi Is Bad During Pregnancy

While eating raw fish in sushi is not bad for people normally, it does not seem to be the case with pregnant women.

During pregnancy, it is said that the mother’s immune system is suppressed so that it does attack the baby.

However, because of that, the mother becomes more susceptible to illnesses coming from foods.

Eating raw fish in sushi during pregnancy can cause health issues that can even be bad enough to cause blood infection.

This question becomes a big no for this is certainly life threatening for both you and your baby.

Sure, raw fish in sushi can be frozen to kill potentially harmful parasites. However, many people believe too that it does not kill pathogens.

For them, sushi for pregnant women must be one with vegetables or cooked fish.

Even if it is cooked, it must have been done to 145 degrees F. It can’t be undercooked as well. It is if you don’t want to experience any health issue.Photo Image Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi Is it Safe

Which to Believe Between the Pros and the Cons

Now that you have known both sides about having sushi in the diet during pregnancy, you must have wondered just which one is safe to believe.

Of course, pregnant women have to make the safest choice of all.

Surely, you don’t want to risk the life of your child, right?

So, we can say that the safest choice would be to follow the suggestions from the cons side.

Even though the pros said that freezing raw fish can kill the harmful parasites in it.

It is objected by the cons that freezing raw fish does not include destroying pathogens that are harmful to pregnant women.

Even if the fish are the chosen ones with low mercury, it still won’t do if it is not cooked.

Cooking raw food is the best way to destroy any harmful things inside it, thus making it safe and healthy for people to eat it.

So, if you crave for sushi during pregnancy, it is better to go for sushi with vegetables or cooked fish. That way, there is nothing you have to worry about.

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If you decide to go with the pros then, it will only add unnecessary anxiety for your own and baby’s well being, even though what the pros said might actually be true.

Rather than having to worry about such uncertainty during important time like pregnancy, it is wise to go for the safest choice of all.

Can pregnant women eat sushi? Yes, you can, but it is best to get one with fish low in mercury and cooked to 145 degrees F and you will be fine.

source: babymed, babycenter

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